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Independence Eve

Hey y’all! Happy fourth of July weekend. I hope everyone has a little bit of a break and has something fun planned for the weekend. We are going to be running, grilling out and playing on the water. Fun, fun!

Since today is a holiday for most people, we had a nice little group run this morning. I say that, but in actuality it was really just a bunch of Daniel’s buddies that showed up to run. Thankfully, one other girl came so I had a friend and didn’t have to get sucked into the guys’ fast pace. I had a little tempo run today, but it was just the last two miles of my run, so I didn’t want to run fast the whole time, just at the very end! We all did 10 miles. I did 8 and then picked up the pace for the last two to 6:45 and 6:37. I felt pretty good and was under my goal pace, so I’m happy with how that went.

Daniel and I came home and did our abs. I do this pretty regularly and Daniel has just decided that he wants to do them consistently too, so he is actually keeping me more accountable to do them every day now, which works.


After our workout, Daniel had some studying to do so I decided to cook. This one was miso roasted chicken with spring peas and jasmine rice. We got our next Blue Apron box Wednesday and I still hadn’t made the last meal from last week, so I was a tad behind schedule. I didn’t make anything last weekend because I spent a lot of time over in Mobile at the tennis courts and I was definitely not feeling the cooking when I got home each night. Thankfully, the ingredients were all still fresh and it turned out really good. We were able to eat it for lunch today.


Brookser got a bath today and got his hairs cut. He is all ready to celebrate the fourth now. Doesn’t he look so cute?

006 Edited

It’s been a pretty low-key day otherwise. Daniel has been busy studying and I got in a nice long “mini-sleep” this afternoon. Now we are just playing with our new phones (they came in today!) and watching Shark Tank. It’s a perfectly low-key evening and a great start to the holiday weekend!

Gotta run!

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