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Happy 4th!

Hello and happy 4th of July!


Today started out with an early long run at the pier. The humidity was out of control, so what was going to be the long run for the week, turned into 10 miles with a couple miles of walking back to the car. I did a tempo run yesterday, so I shouldn’t have even attempted a long run today anyway and my body was definitely telling me that it needed another day of rest in between. I am working on listening to those signals … so I cut it short and shall try again tomorrow.

We hit Coffee Loft afterwards for some much-needed coffee and a smoothie. Then we came home and hung out by the water for a while. Dad has been hard at work expanding our deck and we are already enjoying the extra space.


Now we just need to work on the pier itself (ours is the one on the right side of the picture).

003 Edited

Daniel hung out in his hammock for a bit while I got some sun on the deck 🙂


Mom and dad came over by boat to pick us up.


Then we headed over to Fly Creek to my uncle’s house for a bit. The water felt amazing! Not too hot and not too cold.


Everyone was ready for a little bit of rest this afternoon. I’m pretty sure I got at least a 3 hour nap in. Pure perfection. Then we grilled out and cooked up another Blue Apron dinner. We had cheeseburgers with feta-watermelon salad and pickled watermelon rind. It was delicious and a very festive meal for the fourth!



We also grilled up some chicken tenders to have later in the week.


Now we are just relaxing at home, trying to calm our crazy pup who is terrified of fireworks! Poor little guy can’t stand them and is currently in full-blown anxiety mode hiding under our bed.

I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday! See ya later!


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th!”

  1. Daniel needs to do a guest post about grilling! We keep talking about getting a grill but haven’t gotten around to it.


    1. It is a fake it ’till you make it strategy with the grilling! Daniel was wanting a green egg at one point, but we never grilled out so we decided to start with a plain old Webber just to see how often we used it. It has been great! It’s definitely an easy way to cook up a bunch of meat to have for the week. I like the idea of Daniel doing a guest post though, I’ll see if I can convince him 🙂


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