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A Little Bit of Everything

Hello, hello! Well, this week seems to be flying by and I’ve gotten behind on my blogging. Let’s catch up on training and life!

Monday was a nice easy recovery run and yoga that evening. I feel like I have settled into a good pattern with following my Sunday long run with an easy day and yoga fits in great with that schedule. This week was the last week of our six-week class, but we are starting another session again in two weeks. I’m excited to keep going with it. I can tell that I am more mindful of my breathing in general, and I definitely am doing more stretching (outside of class) that I was before.

So I told y’all last week that we worked on bakasana/crow pose and that if I got it down I would post a picture. We worked on it again this week and after a little practice, this is the result. Ha! I’m getting there. I really wish I had thought to shut my closet (not letting it bother me, not letting it bother me, definitely not doing that pose again …)


Tuesday morning I did an easy run on the treadmill, as I was later getting started than usual. I figured running inside would be the smart thing to do. And then this happened …


I mean really? Puddles of sweat on the treadmill. Our treadmill is not located in the most air-conditioned room and it does tend to get a little bit toasty in there, but I couldn’t believe that it was this bad. I think next time I might just go outside. At least you are creating your own little breeze that way.

Tuesday evening Daniel and I ran some hills! Coach says I gotta get ready for the bridges in NYC. Oh boy.

Wednesday morning, Lizzie and I headed over to Rebecca’s to do part of her long run for the week with her. Her middle eight miles were at marathon pace, and obviously it is better to do that with friends, so we rallied and she killed it!

After our run that morning, I had a short road trip and I was all excited to try out an audio book. The storage on my old phone was completely full (from way too much music), so I had only about five apps downloaded. Since we got our new phones, I feel like I am in a new era. It’s amazing how many things you can actually do with a smart phone. Oh my gosh, you guys, and check this out … Isn’t it beautiful?


I have to give my cousin Erin credit for this one. I mean, I have always color coded my closet, but I had never thought to color categorize my phone. I had them categorized by function before, but this is so much more fun. Sure, I can’t find anything, but it makes me happy while I am searching!

So where was I? Ahh yes, iBooks (which is what I thought was audio books). I downloaded my book the night before and was looking forward to listening to a book in the car, so that I would feel like I am learning something and not just wasting time mindlessly listening/singing to music. I was so sad once I got on the road figured out that my iBook was not going to read itself to me. And now I own a paperback copy of the book and an iBook, so I couldn’t justify buying it again on audio books. I texted Daniel to see if he could believe the travesty and he was all like, yeah I knew that, I was wondering why you were buying an iBook. Perfect, thanks honey 🙂 So back to my road jamz it was. At least I enjoyed myself.

And when I got home last night, I had a Stitch Fix box waiting for me! It’s like Christmas in July! I don’t know how they do it, but I’ve had amazing luck with the things they have sent me. This time I got some boot cut jeans (btw, are those back in style?), a short-sleeved black polka dot top, a sleeveless flowy top, a maxi dress and a black leather tote. I really like all of it. Check it out.


Thursday is usually a double day, but I have a meeting to go to this evening (marathon training kick off for Pensacola!), so I combined my runs this morning. I did five with Daniel before work and then Rebecca and Lizzie came over a little later and we did eight more. And we saw a snake. It slithered right in front of us on the sidewalk. Of course we had to stop and photograph the incident, because you know #bloglife.


Luckily we escaped, and made it home safely.


Daniel and I have really gotten into the Tour de France in the evenings. I’m not a biker at all, and I don’t think I understand half of the rules that they have, but I really enjoy watching it. We’ve been switching between the Tour and the Pan American Games. So many good sporting events to watch … I love it. It is a nice break from our usuals, Shark Tank and The Profit.

Well, I think we are pretty much caught up now, and yes I do realize that was kind of all over the place (hence the name of the post). I hope that your week is flying by as well. Tomorrow is Friday, so that’s the good news! I’m off to meet the members of my training group! Gotta run!

11 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything”

  1. I sure wish Selma had Yoga for Runners! I need to do more stretching/yoga. Do you know of any good DVDs? I have looked at Amazon and there are several to chose from. I definitely need a person telling me what to do instead of trying to mimic poses from pictures and words. I am really enjoying your blog! I check it everyday for updates and I am always excited to read what you write!


    1. Thank you Ashley! You are so sweet! I don’t have a lot of experience with yoga. I know Daniel has done the P90X yoga and liked it, but I think that’s a bit more hard core. It would be really nice to find a good DVD that was shorter too, like maybe 30 minutes. I think I’d be more likely to do it on my own if it was quicker. The class is definitely a good motivation for me to get there and then the instructors helps with the poses. I know there are some yoga classes at the YMCA in Selma, because mom has been before. Have you tried those?


      1. Haha, I have P90X too and there is no way to do the whole Yoga workout- it lasts way too long! I will check out the Yoga schedule at the Y but will probably pick a random DVD to have a home too. Thanks Sam!! Have a heat weekend 🙂


  2. I’m so jealous of your Stitch Fix! So cute! Why can’t they treat me like that? Thanks for helping me out with the MP miles this week! Couldn’t of done it without you two.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A snake…eeeeewww. I see them along our running trails, too, sometimes; as long as they stay on their side, I’m okay. It definitely gives me the heeby-jeebies when I see them. You’re doing GREAT with your crow pose! I actually was thinking that your closet looked super-organized and I’m kind of jealous – ha! I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, but I have heard great things; I don’t buy non-running clothes too often (priorities!), but I think it’s a great option. Hope you have an awesome weekend, Sam!


  4. Oooh, I love what Stitch Fix sent you. Especially the flowy printed top! How fun. And OMG- I am so tempted to organize my iPhone apps by color now. Sounds like a great week!


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