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Big News!

I have BIG news …

I ran today. And then went to Coffee Loft. But that’s not the big news. I’m sure I fooled you!

My car is full of balloons …

001 Edited

Because Daniel passed boards and is now a certified family nurse practitioner! Woo hoo!

003 Edited 2

I am beyond proud of his hard work and dedication. He has been working full-time and in school for the past three years and has worked so diligently to study for his boards. His hard work has definitely paid off and I couldn’t be happier for him. He is one of the most caring and compassionate people that I know and I know that he has a great career ahead of him!

So to celebrate, we have lots of balloons and cake! And dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant!

Also in other unrelated, but also great news, our internet is magically back working! Apparently emailing the corporate office is the way to go to get your issue resolved ASAP.

I hope y’all are having an amazing weekend too!

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