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Weekend Recap

Hello and happy Monday! I am going to link up with Tara over at Running ‘n’ Reading for my weekend update again this week. This will be a semi-abbreviated recap though, since I posted Friday and Saturday this week as well.

My parents were in town this weekend, as well as our wonderful friends from Auburn, who coincidentally happen to be here for the big events in our lives, even though it isn’t always planned that way. We enjoyed catching up with everyone Friday evening over pizza and a nice sunset. If you haven’t noticed, “sunsetting” is one of our favorite pastimes. They are always beautiful and never the same. I also really love sunrises as well, but those are usually enjoyed while out for a run or in the car on the way to a run (neither of which make for good picture-taking opportunities). So while they may not photographed as much, it does not mean that they aren’t equally as appreciated.


Since Saturday was a big day, I mentioned that we had dinner reservations to celebrate. We had an amazing meal at Camellia Cafe.


In my opinion, this is one of the best restaurants on the Eastern Shore. The chef is very talented. They use only fresh seafood and local fruits and veggies and every sauce, dressing, etc. is made from scratch. I am not pretending to be a qualified food blogger or restaurant reviewer by any means, but I can definitely tell you that I would use very technical words like “wonderful,” “delicious” and “yummy” to describe everything that we had. It is a must try for any locals that haven’t been there and for anyone visiting the area.

Daniel and I both tried the local tomato salad (pictured below) with peas, okra, corn, and balsamic vinaigrette and he had the Kobe burger with truffle fries and I had fresh gulf snapper with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. Everything was so good!


I think that the cooking that I have done recently made me more appreciative of the taste and presentation of the meal at the restaurant. I picked up on different spices that I probably wouldn’t have noticed before, like the tarragon in the tomato salad. With that being said, I have decided not to continue with the Blue Apron meals. I did enjoy it, at first, but then it started to feel like such a chore. I really wish that you could choose the number of meals per week that you get. If I could do one or two a week, I think that would work great. I will continue cooking some, but I want to try to come up with some recipes on my own. Seems like a fun experiment 🙂

Sunday we took a break from our typical route and made the trip across the bay to meet up with the “Holla at the Dolla” group in Mobile that meets on Sundays during the summer. We ran the “Big Balla” loop (their terminology, not mine), which is 12 miles and 645 ft. of elevation gain. My workout called for the middle 7 miles of my run to be up-tempo (between 6:45 and 7:00 pace) and let me just tell you, those hills were no joke! I ended up with a 7:02 average for the middle 7 and a 7:19 for the whole run. It was glad to get some good tempo miles in on the hills!

After our run, we played in the bay for a little bit before catching the late service at church. Brooksy and I did some paddleboarding, while Daniel chilled in the hammock. Brooks loves to swim, so usually that means that he doesn’t want to “ride” on the board with me because he would rather be swimming beside me. He actually rode with me for a while yesterday though, so that was fun. His little tail was hanging off the board, wagging in the water acting like a rudder.


The rest of our Sunday was filled with typical Sunday chores (cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping) and thankfully, some rest! I hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend and has a great week ahead.

If you had to choose, are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. I am a sunrise person more recently–with the three kiddos morning have become my quiet time to run, pray, or just be quiet for a bit. I love the break of day!


  2. What a fun weekend, Sam! I’m so glad you were able to enjoy a nice celebration (what a momentous occasion!!) and spend some time with family. You run was NO JOKE – whoa! Way to get it done, girl! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog; sorry that it’ll be the last link up, but I’ll still be following along in your journey! I think I’m more of a sunrise person, just because I’m such an early riser and I’m ready for bed by sunset – ha! Hope you have a great day!


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