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3 in 1

Hey guys! Last time we talked, I told you that I was thinking about doing a few different kinds of posts this week. In typical Sam fashion, that didn’t happen. I just can’t work on the blog after work. I’m going to stop trying to convince myself that I can or that I need to.

I did, however, think about the posts that I wanted to do during the week. It’s the thought that counts, right? Ehh, maybe not. Well, I’m going to put my thoughts to paper screen now and this one will be 3 posts in 1!

Wordless Wednesday

This one will definitely not be a regular thing. I just can’t post a bunch of pictures and not write anything. I took several pictures this Wednesday, but I just don’t really know if anyone wants to see only pictures on a blog. I get that people like posts to include pictures, but a post of only pictures seems silly. Since I did snap some pics this Wednesday, here is my (semi) wordless Wednesday for you …

It starts with a 5 a.m. wakeup. I love the First 5 app! It’s a great way to get the day started with a quick devotion. Check it out if you haven’t.


I’m back into the swing of things with workout Wednesday. This week I had a 2 mile warm up, 3 X 2 mile repeats and a 2 mile cool down.


After my workout, it is time to play Brooks. He loves to fetch! It’s  difficult to get a non-blurry action shot of him. I tried …


After the humans and animals have been played, I have a few minutes to shower and make myself presentable for work.


I get to work at 8 and it’s time to hydrate, caffeinate and have a protein shake. Smart gal’s a rhymer 🙂 Name that movie!


This is where the day gets a little bit boring (from a picture taking standpoint at least). I sit and play with numbers for about 8 hours.


At 5 I head home to catch the sunset!


After the sun sets, it’s usually dinner, a little bit of television (Shark Tank, The Profit or White Collar) and time for bed.

Thursday is for Thinking Out Loud

Now that we are thinking out loud … What do you think about the wordless Wednesday? I am kind of torn. Personally, I really enjoy reading bloggers that post frequently and I also like posts that are simple, just here is what I did today, type of things. From a writing perspective though, I want my posts to have more meaning than that. I want there to be a purpose.

I have been thinking a lot recently about purpose. I want to live with purpose and be intentional about how I spend my time. I know that I am here (on earth) for a reason and that God has a purpose for my life. It may seem silly, but I definitely feel like sharing my thoughts with you guys here is a part of that purpose. Blogging gives you a great platform to reach people that you would otherwise never have a chance to impact.

I told Daniel recently that I was feeling a little bit confused about what my purpose is now that the Runner’s World contest was over. I was feeling like that was my one chance to share my story and reach people and now it was over. He encouraged me by telling me that I was only just beginning. I really needed to hear that! More than anything, I want to do something meaningful with my life and I want to help people. Those are the things I know. The problem is that I don’t know exactly what that looks like at this point. That is what I am currently thinking (and praying) a lot about.

Friday Five

This week’s topic for the Friday Five post was 5 Dream Vacations. I like this topic! There are several places that I would love to go (or revisit)!

  1. Tropical: Hope Town (Abaco, Bahamas)
  2. Snow Skiing: Park City (Utah)
  3. Surfing: Hawaii
  4. Wilderness: Alaska
  5. International: Cinque Terre, Italy

I’ve been to Hope Town a couple of times and let me just tell you, it is an incredible destination! It is a quaint little village on the island of Elbow Cay, located just about 200 miles from West Palm Beach, FL. The entire island is just over 4 miles long. There aren’t many cars on the island and most people get around on bikes or golf carts. The beaches and water are beautiful and you have access to lots of fun activities, like sailing, snorkeling, diving and fishing.


I have also been snow skiing a couple of times and I really love it! I want to go again, soon. I chose Park City because I have been there before and it was wonderful, but I would be very happy to go skiing again, regardless of the destination. My only request would be that it be somewhere out west (CO, UT, WY, etc.).

Surfing is a “bucket list” thing for me. I have always, always wanted to go! When I was younger, I was obsessed with the movie Gidget. The tagline is “a young girl discovers surfing and love (in that order) during one transitive summer.” I am probably dating myself with that one. Anyone else remember those movies? So cute! The obsession later transferred to the movie Blue Crush. This one was set on Hawaii’s North Shore. I don’t even think the movie itself it much to write home about, but the surfing scenes were phenomenal. One day I will go!

The adventurous side of me also wants to go to Alaska. Daniel and I occasionally watch Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery. We like to talk about whether or not we would be able to survive living “off the grid.” I don’t know that I want to go that far with it, but I definitely want to visit! I want to go kayaking and salmon fishing in Alaska (and then we can come home).

Daniel has been to Cinque Terre, Italy and he says that I would love it. I have seen his pictures and heard his stories and I definitely agree. He says that while he was there, he went on “the most picturesque, scenic run he has ever been on” and it’s on the coast. Um, sign me up!


What is your dream vacation?


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