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Week End Wrap-Up (#6)

Hey friends! I can’t believe that this will be the last week end wrap-up for 2015! I’m going to be linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin again this week for their Weekly Wrap.


We have been go, go, go for the last few weeks and I think it finally caught up with me. I slept until almost 10 a.m. yesterday, which is way later than I ever sleep. I must admit, it was quite glorious.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and then we headed to see Daniel’s family on Christmas Day. We got there around lunch time and we were greeted with a delicious meal, wonderful gifts and lots of quality family time.

Daniel made both of his sisters’ gifts this year and they both loved them! He made his older sister Moses Basket Bassinet and he made his younger sister a bib and medal display. His older sister is having a baby in February (which will officially make us Uncle Daniel and Aunt Sam) and his younger sister just ran her first marathon a couple of weeks ago, so the gifts were very timely and appropriate.

Daniel’s mom always goes all out for Christmas. She definitely spoils all of the kids and their spouses. It’s so sweet! Daniel’s dad got a basketball goal this year, so we had some fairly intense games of “horse” and “pig.” Sadly, I didn’t win, but I did at least put up a respectable showing, considering I haven’t played basketball since I was in high school. Speaking of intense, there were also some intense games of Phase 10 that went down. Brooks really wanted to get in on that action, but since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs, he had to just watch from the sidelines.

Leigh-Ann and I got in 10 miles Saturday morning before we had to head back home. I really enjoyed spending some quality time with her out on the roads!

We got a group shot before we left.


We decided to stop by Rouse’s Market on the way back into town. I hadn’t ever been there before, but I had heard good things and I wanted to check it out. We came out with some really old fancy cheese (the entire wheel of it was > $150, we decided to settle for one little piece) and some new to me granola bars. We weren’t super impressed, but it might be worth another trip at some point.

After we unpacked and settled in, it was getting pretty late, so we went to bed pretty early and slept pretty late. We have been out of town the past three weekends in a row, so I was ready to just crash. It’s been a wonderful month of traveling and spending time with family, but all that fun can really be exhausting!

I was supposed to do a 16 mile steady state run Sunday, but the thought alone of that run was just too much. The weather is so hot and humid, it’s like we have July in Christmas. You know how people always talk about Christmas in July, well we’ve got it the other way around. I settled for a walk with mom and then Daniel rode the bike with me while I ran (nice and easy).


His piriformis has really been bothering him recently and so he has not been able to run. He was nice enough to bike along with me though and I really appreciated the company!

Sunday afternoon, we took Brooks to visit his new cousin, Thatcher. He is absolutely adorable and is a very chill pup. My cousin, Catie, was home for Christmas, but we hadn’t gotten to see her since we had been out of town. It was really nice to catch up for a little bit and let our “babies” play together.

Sunday evening we grilled out. This seems to becoming more and more of a regular occurrence. I can’t say that I am upset about it.

Now it’s back to the grind. I’m loving my new Coffee Loft coffee mug that Daniel’s mom got me!

It seems like the Christmas break flew by. What was the highlight of your Christmas vacation?

5 thoughts on “Week End Wrap-Up (#6)”

  1. What a great time with family! Boy that is a lot of stockings on the fireplace too! I just love the gifts Daniel made, how awesome is that! What is the medal holder made out of? I got one too! My husband is a painter and he had one of his carpenter friends build one out of wood to his specs. He has been thinking about it awhile! I still have to put a finish on it but hey I can put anything and any color I want on it! 🙂 This weather is totally crazy! I did not like all the tornadoes North of me either! I knew it was going to be bad somewhere when I heard thunder in December! We had a great time at Stone Mountain, have yall ever been? It was amazing. Course my first long taper run of 12 miles I don’t think should have been that hilly for a flat marathon, lol! But I got them done! We’ve got 2 more weekends in a row of travel then I think we’ll be home for a few weekends! 🙂 Glad you joined us Sam and see you in 2016!


  2. The Alabama weather has been something else! It’s felt just like an August summer morning. It’s always so much fun to enjoy the holidays with family. Daniel did a great job with his presents. My sister always comes from Tulsa, which makes it more special. We have that many stockings on our fireplace — and we don’t forget the dogs. Sleeping until 10 sounds heavenly. If only. Thanks for linking with us Sam and Happy New Year!


  3. The weather has been something else this year. I rearranged my runs around the storms, but it was so steamy and muggy. Luckily, I’m not currently training for anything, so I didn’t have any long runs on the schedule. I can only imagine how brutal that 16 miler must have been. Glad you had a great Christmas with family! Hope you have a Happy New Year!


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