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2016.002: The Battleship Run


Today was a long run day, and I must say, we did it up right! Rebecca’s birthday was yesterday and so we ran our “special occasion” route to celebrate.

I don’t remember exactly how this tradition got started, but we have done this route on her birthday a few times, on her wedding weekend and on my birthday, so now we basically just refer to it as the special occasion route. It takes a little bit of pre-planning to pull it off, and today we #nailedit.

Rebecca and Jessica met at the Grand Hotel this morning and left Rebecca’s car there. Then we all met at the Coffee Loft and piled in Daniel’s car. He had to drive to Mobile for work today anyway, so he dropped us off at the Battleship on his way in.


We then began the 20 mile journey back across the bay. The first few miles flew by and before we knew it we were almost across the Causeway and back to the Eastern Shore. We made a quick pit stop for water and a bathroom at the Meaher State Park. The scenery on this run is gorgeous! The first few miles are right along the water as you run across the bay.


The rest of the run flew by as well! There is not much that beats a good long run with friends. We ran through Daphne and Fairhope and ended up at the Grand Hotel. We talked the entire time and didn’t let the Montrose hills get the best of us.

We stopped our run with exactly 20.16 miles (thanks to Rebecca’s brilliant idea). 20.16 miles for our first long run of 2016! Pretty epic.


Rebecca and I are doing the Oiselle #runlovechallenge and today was our first official run of the challenge.


  1. Pick a partner, or shall we say a run lover.
  2. Set a mutual goal to be achieved on/by February 14th. 
  3. Check in on the Oiselle blog each Monday for our challenge of the week and complete it with your run lover near or far.

Since the challenge ends on 2/14, our goal is going to be to run 214 miles together by that day. It will end up being close to 5 miles a day (or 35 miles per week) together. School starts back next week for Rebecca and tax season will officially kick off next week for me (eek!), so it will definitely be a challenge for us. I think we are up for it though.

We are also going to try to coordinate our outfits (or at least one part of the outfit) for each run that we do together, hence all the pink today!

As per usual, we hit up Coffee Loft after our run. Cheers!


After a super active morning, I pretty much spent the entire afternoon being lazy. Brooks and I played a little bit and then I laid down to take a nap and ended up reading the whole time. Eventually I got up and watched last week’s sermon from church that we missed while we were out of town. Our small group leader really encouraged us to watch this one if we were gone and we were supposed to text another member of our group to make sure that they saw it as well.

It was based on words spoken by Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:41 that says, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” I know this is a running blog, but that’s definitely not the miles we are talking about here. Pastor Chris basically explained that as Christians we are called to do more than the bare minimum in all areas of our lives: in our marriages, in our careers, in our involvment at the church and in our walk with the Lord. It was a great message. Our small group will be doing an in-depth study of the Sermon on the Mount this upcoming semester and we are all excited to delve deeper into the Word.

Currently, I am enjoying a wonderful sweet potato. I could eat one of these guys every day. Heck, I pretty much do. 6 hours in the crock pot (on low) and they turn out so good! Add a little bit of cinnamon and sugar and they are even better!


You can just disregard the whole paper bowl and plastic spoon thing. We are keeping it super fancy … actually, I like to think of it more as living simply. Has a nicer ring to it that way.

This has been a wonderful day of running and relaxing. I am so thankful for the friendships that running and our small group have brought into our lives. Philippians 1:3.


Enjoy your evening! See you guys tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “2016.002: The Battleship Run”

    1. It’s been so much fun. Although we are in over our heads with trying to match every time. We have to have some lengthy textversations about what colors and clothing we are wearing the next day! It’s a mess. Haha.


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