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2016.004: Tax Season is Here

Hello! I survived my first day of tax season! Woo hoo.

We aren’t all that busy yet, but something about that first Monday in January that really just makes it feel official. This will be my 8th tax season. I don’t even know how that is possible. I’m getting old.

In a weird way, I am actually looking forward to tax season this year. I enjoy being busy and with my new schedule and new firm, I won’t be working near as many hours or under as much pressure, so I think it might just be the best season yet. Fingers crossed!

Colossians 3:23 is my tax season verse.


I started my day off with an easy 6 mile run on the treadmill, while watching some Gilmore Girls. I love starting my day off with a run! When I walked outside, the sunrise was really pretty. The sky looked like cotton candy.


We face West, so we have a beautiful view of the sunset (as evidenced by the many pictures that I have posted), but we don’t typically get a good view of the sunrise. This morning the entire sky was glowing though.

I have mentioned before (probably numerous times), but when it comes to food I am all about convenience. I don’t leave work for lunch, so I try to take all of my stuff with me in the morning. I am really loving the granola and these hummus and chicken on-the-go meals. So easy. So nutritious.


Daniel and I made it home around the same time and went for a run. I really cherish this time that we have to spend together. It is only recently (since Daniel graduated and started his new job) that we have had any semblance of similar work schedules. Running gives us a chance to get some fresh air and clear our heads after work, while catching up on our days.

Before you ask, yes … I run twice some days. My coach has 2 to 3 double-run days built into my schedule each week. In order to meet the goals that I have for the marathon, we feel like this is a good strategy. It is definitely not necessary for everyone though. In fact, this strategy doesn’t work well for some people. Everyone’s body is different and reacts different to different mileage and training plans. Fortunately, right now I am at a healthy, happy place with my running and I am able to tolerate the higher mileage training.

I know that there is a fine line though and I think this would be a good post for another time … how my view of working out changed from a place of disorder (in the past) to a place of enjoyment. I truly love it! Bottom line is that it is a change in the underlying intent. I’m not running with a purpose of burning calories. Obviously running burns calories, but in order to keep running at the level and intensity that I want to, I have to replace those calories. I know that would be a good topic of further discussion, but for another day for sure.

As we headed out to run, I told Daniel that there was no guarantee as to the amount of remaining brain capacity that I will have after a day of tax season. I quickly realized that was going to make it really interesting for you guys and for my blogging. I will go ahead and apologize for anything crazy that I say online from now until mid-April. Let’s go ahead and make that the end of April …

After April, I will come up with another excuse!


4 thoughts on “2016.004: Tax Season is Here”

  1. Ha, I worked in a CPA firm for gosh 8 -10 years maybe, yes your life is put on hold for your firm. I see some now not so “professional” for lack of better word. Ours was all business, as in no bare legs, (who even does that now?) work every Saturday and no time off between Jan1 and April15. period! I was so glad to see 4/15 come cause they threw us a party!!! I look forward to those for another day posts! 🙂


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