Treadmill, Tuesday Tangents

2016.005: Tuesday Tangents

Hello! Let’s chat. I’ve got nothing but random ramblings for you today.

I am currently on Season 2 of Gilmore Girls and this morning I saw Episode 15: “Lost and Found.” In this episode Jess tells Luke, “Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.”


I have been saying that for years and I didn’t know where I had come up with it. Mystery solved.

Speaking of skipping … I can’t do it. It’s as if I never learned that skill when I was younger or something. I like to think of myself as a pretty coordinated person otherwise, but there is something about the rhythm of skipping that I just can’t do. Just ask Daniel. He can vouch.

Speaking of vouching … I registered for the Big Beach half marathon today using my first-ever Groupon deal. There is a Groupon for half off of registration, so the half ended up being less than $40. If you were on the fence about registering for the half or the full, you should definitely do it! Here’s the link. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

Speaking of sweet … I came to a wonderful smell. Daniel got a dehydrator for Christmas and he is testing it out tonight with some pineapple.


Speaking of dehydrated … don’t let it happen! Drink water. Lots of water.

Speaking of water … the first miracle that Jesus performed during His earthly ministry was changing water into wine at the marriage feast in Cana. Interesting little fact.

Speaking of wine whine … I’m getting pretty hungry and sleepy. Time to eat some dinner and call it a night!

Any tangents that you’d like to share?




6 thoughts on “2016.005: Tuesday Tangents”

  1. This is my first time commenting here… I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it a lot! I am originally from Mobile but now live outside New Orleans, and it’s nice to read your blog and recognize pictures and places I know. 🙂
    Anyway, I’m signed up for the Big Beach Half as well, but paid full price (early bird pricing), will be running w/ my sister-in-law. It will be her first run in Gulf State Park, and I’m excited to show off the pretty trails to a “newbie.” 🙂 Good luck to you!


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