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2016.019-022: The Catch Up Post

Hey guys!

As I suspected, this week was a tad bit hectic. We made it to the weekend now though!


First let’s catch up on running …

Tuesday morning Daniel and I headed out for a very chilly 8 miles. We were both completely bundled up. The feels like temperature was 25! Brr.


Tuesday evening Rebecca and I got in 6 #runlovechallenge miles, which put us at 111 down and 103 to go. Not our best pic, but probably not our worst either.


Wednesday morning I hit the treadmill for #workoutwednesday. The schedule called for 6 X 1 mile repeats at 6:05 to 6:15 pace. Here’s what I did …


2 mile warm up: starting at 6.6 mph for 2 minutes and increase the speed by .2 every 2 minutes

Mile 1: 6:18 (9.5 mph)

Mile 2: 6:15 (9.6 mph)

Mile 3: 6:15 (9.6 mph)

Mile 4: 6:11 (9.7 mph)

Mile 5: 6:09 (1/2 mile at 9.7 mph and 1/2 mile at 9.8 mph)

Mile 6: 6:03 (9.9 mph)

2 mile cool down: at 7.0 to 7.5 mph

Thursday morning Lizzie and I did 8 miles before the rain set in. It was almost 60 degrees.

Daniel and I got in a very windy 9 mile run this morning.

To sum up the weather, we went from 30 to 60 to windy, which is taking us back to 30! Pure craziness. Such is life weather on the gulf coast.

Now that we are caught up on running, let’s get caught up on some other various pics and topics that I have saved up throughout the week and meant to share before today …

The First 5 devotionals have been so good this week! The first one was about fear. How fitting, since that is the topic of our current sermon series?! I love to see God’s timing in even the smallest things like how a devotional can be so on point with something you are currently discussing at church or small group.


The next one that I wanted to share was about dealing with uncertainties. Life is full of uncertainties, but God’s got this. We don’t have to fear or be anxious, because He is in control.


The actual devotional that went along with this one was wonderful, so I snapped a picture of part of it to share with you guys as well. I feel like someone else out there probably needed to hear this, so here ‘ya go …


I don’t have any other specific things to catch you up on this evening, but I have a few random thoughts for you. Typical.

Obviously I completely fell off the blog wagon this week. Apparently sitting down at the computer after sitting at a computer all. day. long. isn’t all that appealing. Who knew? The only problem is that I have all of these thoughts running around in my brain and I sometimes I just feel like I need to document them before they escape. I might try actually writing in a journal this week and then sharing the high points. I haven’t done that in years, but it seems like it would be a good solution to the technological overload. We’ll see.

I saw this little quote on Instagram and loved it!


Speaking on Instagram … Some of the people that I “follow” on Instagram have these incredible running pictures every. single. day. How do they do that? Rebecca and I are constantly trying to figure this out. People are so creative. Not me though. I’m most definitely a left-brainer (i.e., I focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy as opposed to those right-brainers who focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity). It almost just wears me out thinking about all of the creativity. I just googled left-brain vs. right-brain so that I could make sure I was thinking about it correctly. Sigh.

In other semi-exciting news … We have added a new crockpot staple to our diet. Spaghetti squash!


I’m obviously not winning any awards for food photography either. Ha.

Well, that is all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed my little Tuesday Tangents, Workout Wednesday and Thinking Out Loud Thursday smorgasbord post!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

2 thoughts on “2016.019-022: The Catch Up Post”

  1. I love this! Solid workout. I’m a terrible photographer but my husband did take a shot of me running in snow. That’s about as creative as I get. 😉 spaghetti squash is so delicious!! I almost prefer it to traditional spaghetti. And thank you for sharing the devotional!! It reminded me exactly where I needed to be.


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