2016.023: The Plan

Hey friends! Happy Saturday!


I hope you are all staying warm. It is quite chilly here in lower Alabama. Not as chilly as the majority of the country, but still chilly for us. It is also super windy, which makes the chilliness seem … well, chillier!

Chilly temperatures just mean that we throw on a few extra layers, get out there and get it done! Rebecca and I got in 12 miles this morning with the Running Wild group. 123 miles done and 91 to go.


After that I headed to work for a few hours. Not ideal perhaps, but totally worth it (in my opinion) to get caught up on a Saturday and be heading in to next week ready to tackle whatever the week throws at you, without being behind from the get-go.

The rest of my day involved grocery shopping, napping, you know, the usual.

I did, however, finally come to a final conclusion on my spring racing schedule.

Here’s the plan …

01/31: Big Beach Half Marathon

02/07: Joe Cain Classic 5K

02/13: Double Bridge Run 15K

02/28: Rock ‘N’ Roll New Orleans HALF Marathon

03/19: Spring Fever Chase 10K

03/26: Crescent City Classic 10K

Woo hoo! Lots of run races! Stay tuned for more information about the CCC 10K. I’m pretty excited to be participating as a “running blogger” this year. I don’t even really know what all that entails, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Talk to you soon!


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