Daniel, NOLA, Stitch Fix

2016.055-058: The One with an Acronym

We made it to the weekend!


In an effort to keep things interesting and somewhat varied, I came up with an acronym for today’s post …  R.U.N. F.A.S.T. Somewhat coincidentally, that is also my goal for the weekend. What is this weekend, you ask?

R. Rock ‘N’ Roll! This weekend I am running a Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon tomorrow (location to follow). I’m getting really excited! I’ll be doing a recap of the weekend once we get home, of course, but I wanted to go ahead and check in before we leave so that my race recap post can actually be just a race recap and not an entire week recap. It makes sense in my brain. Hopefully y’all are cool with it, too.

U. Uncle! Crying uncle?! Nope. I’m not admitting to defeat here. Thursday evening, Daniel’s sister, Michele, and her husband, Brett, had a baby girl, which means that Daniel officially became an uncle! I guess that means I also “officially” became an aunt. Rebecca is like a sister to me (we are both only children and missed out on the whole sibling thing growing up) and so Savannah calls me Aunt Sam (err well … she would if she talked), but I am also very thankful to have two wonderful sisters-in-law and now to have a niece! Ava is so precious. I can’t wait to love on her in a couple of weeks!


N. New Orleans! We are headed to New Orleans this weekend for the race. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. There are lots of people from our area heading over for the race, which makes it even more exciting. New Orleans is definitely an interesting place with an exciting vibe. I like it in very small doses. We will be going back in a few weeks for the Crescent City Classic! Luckily, we only live a couple of hours away and so we can easily go over for a race and head back the next day.

F. Feet! My feet are so. much. better. It’s incredible really. If you are having any sort of feet issues (tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.), you really need to consider pressure wave therapy as a treatment option. If you are local, go see Justin @ Eastern Shore Chiropractic & Sports Clinic. I’ve had three treatments now and I can really tell a difference. I’m so thankful that the pain is going away and that I have been able to keep training. Tax season = stress and running = stress release. We don’t want to combine tax season and no running. The results might be disastrous.

A. Aggravated. I can not come up with anything interesting to talk about that starts with the letter A, other than my acronym, baby Ava and how I am an aunt. I haven’t seen any aardvarks or amphibians recently, so let me just tell you about a workout that I did this week. It’s a stretch I know … I just kind of wanted to tell you about my workout.

I had one workout this week and otherwise, it’s been just easy running, trying to keep the legs fresh for the half this weekend. I knew that I had to get the workout in early in the week (to maximize leg freshness at the end of the week), so there was no time for procrastination. Tuesday morning the schedule called for lactate threshold repeats at a strong, smooth rhythm that is pressing but sustainable (with a goal range of 6:20-6:25 pace). I ended up averaging 6:31 for the repeats. I likely could’ve run them a little bit faster, but 6:31 felt really comfortable and so I just kind of settled in there and didn’t vary the pace at all. I watched Gilmore Girls during the workout and that definitely made the time pass by quickly. I usually don’t watch Netflix during workouts, but my iPod was dead and there was no way I was doing the workout without some form of distraction.

S. Stitch Fix! I got my”fix” this week. I’m not sure if this is my February or March box (I’ve lost track), but regardless, it was a good one. I got a dress, two tops, a pair of shorts and a really cute crossbody bag (not pictured). The dress has a really cute cut out on the back (again, not pictured because I’m guessing it’s probably not supposed to be worn with a sports bra, haha). I’m going to take the bag to New Orleans, so I’ll make sure to get a pic of that then.


Brooks likes modeling with me. He also likes long naps on the couch.


T. Tenley! A few weeks ago, I asked for prayers for baby Tenley and so I wanted to post an update. Since my last post, they have run a lot more tests, tests that that could’ve made diagnosis much worse. If no other tumors were found (brain, bone, muscles, etc.), she would be considered stage 1, which would be such an answer to prayer …

The prayers are being answered! All of the additional scans came back normal! They did another chest CT to look at the spots on her lungs and are confident that they were not cancer. The ECHO and EKG came back normal. Her bone scan came back clear. The MRI was normal. Praise God!

She had surgery to remove the suspicious portion of her bladder where the cancer was and to place her port for chemo. The urologist was able to go in with a scope to identify the cancerous area. He then burned around the edge of the tumor so that her surgeon would know what to take out. The surgeon removed all of it, including a little extra around the edge of the tumor. It was sent to pathology and they confirmed that the edge did not contain any cancerous cells, so they are confident they removed it all. Prasie God!

Please keep the prayers coming! She will be starting chemo next week. This will be hard on her little body, but she is tough and we she is wrapped in God’s loving arms. He is a good, good Father ❤

Alright guys, I gotta run (literally) and get packed for the trip!




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