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2016.112-115: Spring Cleaning

Hey friends!

I got a little bit of spring cleaning done in my off time this week and I feel so much better now. It was really nice to put away the winter clothes and bring out the bathing suits. Summer is here!

Side note: I was a little bit surprised at just how many pairs of running shorts that I have accumulated. Now I see why Daniel tends to question whether or not I “need” new running clothes sometimes.


In other news, I took “little” Brookser for his annual checkup at the vet Thursday. He loves a good car ride. Actually he just loves life in general.


But y’all … he has gained 17 pounds since last year, from 87 to 104. Holy moly. The vet was asking me a bunch of questions, like if his exercise had decreased or if his food intake had increased, but I didn’t really think that they had. I felt like a bad doggie mom. As it turns out, Brooks has a little bit of a low thyroid. Poor little buddy.

He’s oblivious though. Daniel and I have been telling him that he is “big, brave and beautiful.” He’s still loving life. He’s especially enjoying his new exercise regimen, which includes lots and lots of swimming!


And also some rolling in the sand …


Brooks loves summer just as much as I do!

We got to spend some time with our niece this week too. She is so precious! She is a very chill, happy little thing.


Daniel and I were a bit out of our league, but we were able to successfully hold her and give her a bottle. I mean it did take both of us to do that, but hey, it takes a village right? I’m actually still kind of confused at how one person could hold her (what takes two hands (for me at least)), give her a bottle and wipe away the drool all at the same time. Do you grow extra arms when you become a mommy?


We enjoyed having lunch with his mom and sister and loving on sweet baby Ava!

There is a new coffee shop in town called Soul Caffeine. We were finally able to try it out for the first time yesterday. It has a very up-scale vibe to it. Daniel and I went in after running (duh) and I kind of felt underdressed. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but the coffee was good and the service was great, so I’m sure we will be back!


A couple of our friends ran Boston last week and so we got to catch up with them this weekend and hear all about it! They both ran great and we are so proud. I found these awesome bracelets for them.


Another side note: Now I really want one of those bracelets for myself too. Does that happen to anyone else? It’s probably just me. It’s the whole only child thing I’m sure.

You know what else is awesome about summer? Fruit!


I have made two hugely delicious fruit salads this week.

I apologize that this post has been a little bit all over the place. I not used to actually having things to tell you about (as opposed to the last few months of work, run, sleep, repeat), and I’m having a hard time organizing my thoughts. Hopefully it’ll come back to me soon!

I’m off to pack for a fun little mini-vaca to 30A! One last thing. Check out this super cool packing apparatus that Daniel got. Just disregard our psychedelic walls, it was cool in 1960. Actually I kind of love it. Maybe it’ll come back in style? Anyways … you can organize all of your stuff and then pack this into your carry-on luggage, or you can just carry this as a suitcase.


Pretty sweet right?!

Anyone else excited about summer?

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