Monthly Recap

2016.119-125: April Recap


I can’t believe that it is already May. I think that I say that every month, but still … time just seems to be flying by. Since another month has come and gone, it is time for the next installment of the monthly running recap!


Total running: 322 miles

Workouts: 1 (6 mile tempo)

Races: 2 (10 mile & half marathon)

Favorite race: Blackwater 10 Mile Trail Run Challenge

Longest run: 20 miles

Shortest run: 3 miles

Favorite run: It’s a toss up between the two runs that I did while on vacation in Florida. Both were equally lovely!

Rest days: 3

Other: 2 tennis matches that lasted close to 2.5 hours! I am playing in a women’s doubles league right now and both of the matches that I played were marathon tennis matches (which is right up my alley I reckon). I am playing with some of the ladies that I played with several years ago and it has been really nice to see them again!

April was a great month, but (as I have already said approximately 100 times) I am so glad that tax season is done and summer is here! We will be heading to TN in less than two weeks for Ragnar TN! I can’t wait! That is actually the only race that I have planned for May. However, I make no promises as to the finality of that statement.

I will be getting back into some form of consistency with my workouts in May now that I have more time to focus on training. I will also be studying up on lots of running related topics, including strengthening, stretching, nutrition, etc. and I will be sharing that with you guys here as I learn new things.

First up is to study and (hopefully) pass my RRCA certification exam and get CPR certified in order to become an official RRCA coach.


I will tell y’all all about the trip to SC and our two-day class in my next post.


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