Ready to RUN (Ragnar TN)!

Hey guys! We are leaving tomorrow for the Ragnar Relay in Tennessee! I am getting so excited. We have been planning this trip for a while and for a while it felt like it was so far away, but now all of a sudden … it’s here!

021 Edited

The packing is fully underway and I figured that it would be a good idea to share some overnight relay packing tips in case you ever get the urge to do one of these crazy things and you are wondering what to pack.

Let’s start with the 411. Remember when that was a cool thing to say? Yeah … me too.

Who? 12 runners and friends (6 guys and 6 girls) who are about to embark on a crazy journey. Our team name is “Flip Flops in Porta Johns and Other Bad Decisions.” Um, yeah. I’m thinking the bad decision was letting the guys choose the team name.

What? This journey is called Ragnar. It is an overnight relay race. We will be split up into two vans (3 guys and 3 girls in each van).

Where? We will run from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN (189.10 miles). Each runner runs three separate legs of varying distances. I am runner #4.


When? The race starts Friday May 13th (hopefully no one is superstitious) and we will finish Saturday May 14th sometime around noon.

Why? A better question would really be, “Why Not?” There will likely be moments of uncertainty, doubt and fear, but there will undoubtedly be more moments of joy, laughter and team bonding. We are going to embrace the moments, soak it all in and have a blast!

So now that you have a better idea of what we are heading to do, let’s discuss some packing essentials. One thing to note is that organization is key. Things tend to get a little bit hectic and crazy during the actual race, so if you are prepared going into it, that can at least help to minimize some of the unnecessary stress.

Clothes –


  • 1 – 2 pairs of running shoes (depending on how much your feet sweat)
  • 3 running outfits (shorts, tanks, socks, sports bra, etc.) preferably in individualized plastic baggies. Our team decided to coordinate our outfits, which I am pretty excited about. We haven’t done that in the past, but I think it will definitely add to the team feel.


  • 1 pair of flip flops or comfortable shoes to wear in between legs
  • Compression gear of your choice (socks, sleeves, tights, shorts, etc.) to promote recovery in between legs
  • 2 comfortable outfits (sweatpants, pajamas, lounge wear, etc.) to wear in between legs
  • Light jacket or long-sleeved shirt in case it is cool at night
  • Costumes (optional, but encouraged :)). We are going with a luau theme. The boys picked the team name, so the girls picked the decor (and yes, I got coconut bras for the boys to wear)!


Accessories –


  • GPS watch
  • Hat or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Reflective vest (every runner is required to have a safety vest at check in)
  • Headlamp, tail light and flashlight (these are also required)
  • Running belt (if you plan to run with your phone or carry anything with you)
  • Self defense item

Miscellaneous –

  • Car charger for phone, watch and any other electronics
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby wipes (3 runs and no shower for 24 hours is definitely calls for baby wipes)
  • Air freshener (see above)
  • Travel pillow and blanket
  • Towels
  • Toilet paper (in case of emergency)
  • Snacks
  • Portable massage roller

I think that pretty much covers it on the packing front! I have a few other random things to tell you about as well.

One being that I officially formed an LLC for my coaching business. I’m pretty excited to be a “small business owner.” I have some big dreams for this ‘lil gig and I hope that it works out.


My mom texted me this …


I was laughing so hard! She has discovered emojis now. Side note: anyone else think that thing resembles frozen yogurt?! For the longest time, that’s what I thought it was. Random, I know.

That’s all I’ve got today. Gotta finish up the packing!

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