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Hello, hello and happy (almost) weekend! I hope everyone has had a good week.

It’s been a hot one here in lower Alabama. The Hot Trot 5K (aptly named) is tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that. Here is a brief summary of my runs this week.

Monday: Easy 5
Tuesday: 3 X 2 mile LT repeats (12:58, 12:49, 12:38) + RW group run
Wednesday: Easy 5 + Easy 8
Thursday: Easy 5
Friday: Easy 6

The push-up and sit-up training continued this week, but we bumped it up from 30 to 45 seconds for each set. I told Daniel last night that perhaps a better idea would’ve been 30, 45, 30, 45 for a week and then take it to 45. We basically added 2 minutes of work and it was really tough!

I’m going to do something new for the rest of this post and share some random “current” things. Sarah (I love her blog) did a post like this yesterday and I loved it, so with her permission, I am copying her.

Current book: Perhaps this one should go under my current confession category, but I haven’t been reading as much as I thought I would be this summer. I have a few books lined up to read though. Does that count?

  1. Bare Bones by Bobby Bones. Daniel has read it and said that he thinks I would enjoy it.
  2. First Comes Love by Emily Giffin. I love her stuff and I pre-ordered this one. It comes out June 28th and I’ll probably be done with it by June 29th. Her books are so fun and easy to read that I usually finish them in a couple of days.
  3. Dare to Serve by Cheryl Bachelder. This book also comes recommended from a friend and discusses servant leadership. It is supposed to spark an introspective self-assessment to help you discover your path to personal purpose and service.

Current music: One song that I am totally digging is Lukas Graham “7 Years.”

I am behind the times on this, but it wasn’t until somewhat recently (in the last 6 months or so) that I got satellite radio in my car and so I pretty much only listen to that now. My favorite stations are 1) The Blend, 2) Prime Country, 3) Outlaw Country (I know, I know … showing my true roots), 4) The Message & 5) The Coffee House. If it doesn’t come on those stations, I don’t know it.

Current guilty pleasure: Online message forums (LetsRun, etc.). I don’t know what it is about those things, but I could read them for days. I’ve never commented on any of them, but I love reading all of the outlandish comments and accusations. People are crazy. I’ll go ahead and include myself in that category. I don’t know why I love it so much.

Current drink: Okay so, currently, currently (i.e., right now as I type this) it is coffee.

In general though, I have been all about the Nuun! I have been combining the Fresh Lime Nuun Energy with the Lemon + Lime Nuun Active and it is delicious. Very refreshing after a sweaty summer run!

Yes, I left my highlighter and pen in the picture because they matched. I know.

Current food: Honeydew. I can’t get enough.

Current obsession: New Girl. We were late to this party as well, but y’all … this show is hilarious!

Current craving: Does cool weather count as a craving? I think that I get to make up the rules here and so yes, that is my final answer.

Current need: See above. We definitely need a little relief from the blazing hot temperatures.

Current indulgence: I changed my Stitch Fix schedule to quarterly (since I am not working as much this summer, that seemed like the smart thing to do) and they sent me one more box before they updated the schedule and wouldn’t you know it … it is perfect. Every single thing. I’m keeping it all. This is my favorite top!


Current bane of my existence: I have this lingering cough that likes to rear its ugly head when I am trying to sleep. I feel fine otherwise and I don’t cough during the day, so I know that it isn’t anything serious, but it is a tad aggravating.

Current procrastination: So again … currently, currently I am procrastinating my run, which is not good because it is just getting hotter and hotter by the minute.

In general though, I am procrastinating cleaning my car and doing laundry. I got my tag renewed in April and I have yet to put my new 2016 decal on the tag because it will stick better if the car is clean. I just keep the sticker in my car in case I get pulled over for an expired tag. How’s that for procrastination?

I am really talented at procrastinating the laundry as well, which is partly because I have an abundance of running clothes, so I don’t really run out and “need” the laundry to be done. Daniel on the other hand, runs out of running shorts (and underwear for that matter) in about a week and he isn’t too keen on my response of, “just go buy some more.” Ha.


I mean, let’s just talk about ironing for a minute. I don’t understand it. What is the point? It’s just going to get wrinkled again. Am I right? I definitely don’t own an iron.

Exhibit A) Last week’s (running only) laundry. It piles up in a hurry in a two-runner, sometimes two-a-day run household. It should probably be noted that only one of those piles belongs to Daniel though.


Current confession: Sometimes I think that I am a really hard worker trapped in a lazy person’s body, or perhaps it is vice versa … now there’s some food for thought. I’m kidding, but seriously … I tend to be super motivated and driven in certain areas and then totally drop the ball in other areas. I think my tombstone will likely read something to the effect of “She spent her life continually seeking balance, but the task proved to be too difficult and ultimately did her in.”

Confession #2: I purchased a foot pod for my Garmin because the indoor run setting on my watch has been pretty far off and I really just couldn’t stand it.


Case in point. Tuesday’s 3 X 2 mile repeats. The total workout was 10 miles, but my watch shows just over 9. My actual paces for the 6 miles of work were: 6:31, 6:27, 6:27, 6:22, 6:22, 6:16 and my watch shows that they were: 7:18, 7:52, 7:25, 7:43, 7:12, 7:35. Just going back and seeing those splits makes me bonkers. I worked SO HARD to hit the 6:20 – 6:30 LT repeat range that my workout called for and my LAZY watch just isn’t giving me credit for it.

Current quote: Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.


Current excitement: I’m pretty excited about the 5K tomorrow and spending time on the water with friends afterwards! Plus, it’s Friday so that’s exciting in and of itself.

Current mood: Excited!

Current companion: Brooks. He likes to lay right next to me, patiently waiting for the next time that we can go out and play fetch. Look at those paws. I think we might wear the same size shoes!


That’s all I’ve got for today folks! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there 🙂

7 thoughts on “#CurrentStatus”

  1. I loved this post so much!! Guess what? You’re in good company: my laundry is never done and I renewed my tag a month ago and am waiting to finally clean my car before I place my sticker on too. Thank God I’m not alone!!! :-)) I’ll have a similar tombstone. I swear I feel like I’m reading myself when I read your posts. God speed on your 5k tomorrow!!!


    1. How funny is that?! I’m glad we aren’t alone in our craziness 🙂 I totally get that feeling when I read your blog as well. It’s pretty cool! Thankful for fellow runners and bloggers who “get me.”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh- I really love that Stitch Fix top. That’s really great you kept all 5 items- that has never happened for me! The LetsRun forums are super interesting– especially when they talk about people cheating and stuff. Who knew running could be so controversial?!


    1. Oh my gosh, the buy 5 discount gets me all the time! And yes, who knew?! I don’t even know half of the people that they are talking about, but it’s still interesting. Haha.


  3. I did not know about the LetsRun form. My guilty pleasure is GOMI. Now, there you have people that are something else. But then again I do agree with what people say about some of the bloggers. I am not liking the new Nuun so I’ve been stocking up on the “old” one. I love grape, fruit punch and tri-berry. I do not run with my watch indoors so I rely on what the treadmill says. Can I ask what’s the point with the watch? I don’t understand why there is a need. Oh and I love that quote.


    1. Yes! GOMI is definitely one of the others that I read. I really like tri-berry nuun too. You’re totally correct that it doesn’t really matter at all about the watch indoors, but since my new Garmin has the indoor setting I use it. I upload all of my activities to garmin connect and Strava, so I just want the data to be correct for that. It’s just one of my OCD things 😂


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