Motorcycles + Lemons

Hello friends! Tomorrow is the next race of the summer track series and Friday starts the state tennis tournament, which means that I’ll have some exciting things to tell you about later in the week, so I wanted to do a mid-week check in and tell you about what’s been going on since we last chatted.

I got to spend some quality hanging out with my dad on Father’s Day, which was really nice. Literally hanging out …


He has taught me so much over the years. He coached all of my sports teams growing up and spent hours upon hours training/playing with me at home too. When I wanted to learn how to do a back handspring, he rigged up a DIY (that wasn’t a thing then, but you get the point) back handspring contraption for me. He got a life jacket from the boat and tied a rope on both sides of it and then hung that in between two trees. I learned how to do the back handspring without fear of falling on my head. I’m pretty sure that I kicked him in the face while he was spotting me one time prior to this contraption being built, so that might’ve been the motivation for it, but alas, it was a great learning tool.

He also taught my Sunday School class when I was in junior high. My dad truly loves Jesus and displays that in every aspect of his life. He walks the walk. He is the most generous, selfless person that I know.

Recent example of this … Daniel has been wanting a motorcycle. I was not super keen on the idea of it (purely from a financial standpoint, not because I didn’t think he could handle himself on a motorcycle). Dad and I were talking about it this weekend and he offered to let Daniel have his motorcycle. Daniel was over the moon excited when he found out! I texted him to tell him that I had good news for him and he said he was happy because he thought I was going to bring him some barbeque home. Motorcycle definitely trumped barbeque and I got some cool wife points in the process.

Here I am on the 1977 Harley Davidson Sportster that we are going to fix up for Daniel. I brought Budsie Daniel along for the ride. Yes, I am 30 years old and I have a stuffed husband that I take with me when I go out of town. Don’t judge me.


Mom and I got in another good workout together Monday morning before I headed back home. I did a few relatively easy miles on the treadmill while she did the elliptical. My Garmin foot pod came in and so I was excited to test it out. It was spot on! I did have one reader ask and so a few others might be curious about why it mattered if my watch was correct on the treadmill in the first place. Basically, it doesn’t matter. I am just OCD and I link my runs to Garmin Connect and Strava and so I want the data there to be as accurate as possible.

The gym where we were has an indoor running track as well, so after a few miles on the treadmill I thought it might be “fun” to run on that … until I realized that I had to do 20 laps to get one mile. 20!


I only lasted two miles and I was definitely thankful to have my foot pod at this point, because there was no way I was going to keep count of those laps. I stopped trying after about 5, but thankfully with my watch set to the indoor run setting and the foot pod connected, it tracked it for me.

Tuesday morning Jessica, Daniel and I got in a good 7 mile run before work. The weather has been so much better this week than last week! After work we did the typical group run at Running Wild thing.

The food situation at home was pretty sad (Daniel worked the weekend and I was gone on Sunday when we typically shop), so we had to make an emergency stop at the store on the way home from the run. I’m pretty sure I understand why they tell you to not go to the grocery store when you are hungry. This happened …


I mean, really?! We usually eat pretty healthy though, so … BALANCE. We purchased a few healthy items (fruit, yogurt, etc.) as well, so it wasn’t a total sugar fest. Side note: I haven’t had E.L.Fudge cookies since highschool. Those things are delicious!

This morning Jessica, Daniel and I were supposed to run again. Daniel decided to sleep in. I got up and got ready and then I got a text from Jessica saying that she messed up her alarm and had just woken up and wouldn’t be able to get here in time to run before work. It was no big deal, I know that definitely happens. I’ve done it. Daniel’s done it. I figured I would just go over and run on the treadmill since all my buddies bailed on me (kidding, kidding).

Well y’all, the treadmill wouldn’t start. It’s definitely been on its last leg for a while. I tried to figure out if this was like a three strikes, you’re out situation and I should skip the run altogether or if it was more of a when life hands you lemons, make lemonade situation. I decided to go with the latter and I headed out for a solo run. I took my phone with me and listened to some worship music and it was a perfectly peaceful run. I am so glad that I went! It was a beautiful morning and sometimes it is nice to just go out for a run and have time to clear your head and think.


Why yes life, I would indeed love a new pair (or two) of lululemon shorts! How did you know?

See you soon!

4 thoughts on “Motorcycles + Lemons”

  1. I’ve seen those carrot cake sandwich cookies at Publix and thought they looked good but can’t bare to splurge on something that might not be and then I have 12 cookies and really only needed to eat maybe, 2. But you are so right about shopping when hungry… or rungry (post-run groceries). I always buy all the impulse purchases!

    Glad you got some good runs in, but 20 laps for a mile… I would go insane! Also I’d want to reverse the direction a lot more than those days. Like, what if someone only ran on those 3 days a week (say, a Couch-to-5Ker). They’d always be going in the same direction!

    Hooray for a motorcycle for Daniel and your dad giving it to you guys. Your dad sounds like a great guy in general and positive influence :).


    1. We actually haven’t even opened the carrot cake cookies yet (4 days later), so you are wise not to splurge on them. Lol! A little part of the OCD in me died during those 40 laps when I couldn’t change directions. I felt really uneven.


  2. Bummer about the treadmill dying, but sounds like you salvaged your run! I agree that balance is so important when it comes to eating. We should never feel deprived, and it’s definitely possible to eat healthy and still have all of the foods we crave. 🙂 I enjoyed hearing the insight about your dad, too!


    1. I agree! I really dislike hearing about all “diets” (or whatever you want to call them) where you have to give up certain foods and/or food groups. Just no! Everything in moderation.


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