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Recap: Summer Track Series #3 (THE MILK MILE)

Hello friends! Happy Friday! Before we get to the recap, let’s catch up on this week’s training:

Monday: 18 mile “fast finish” long run (w/ 4 mile Shark Run Race)
Tuesday: Easy 6 + RW group run
Wednesday: Easy 8
Thursday: Easy 8 + Track Meet
Friday: Easy 10

Yesterday was the last evening of the Robertsdale High School Summer Track Series. ICYMI: The track series was 3 meets over the summer to raise money to support the Robertsdale High School XC team. After last night, they raised enough money to send all of their kids to overnight camp, so the fundraiser was a success!

There were three events yesterday: 400, DMR (distance medley relay) and MILK MILE. The track meet was my “speed workout” for the week. I didn’t have any specific goals or anything, other than to have fun and push myself a little.

After we got home from work, Daniel and I loaded up and headed to the track. The meet started at 6:30 p.m.


We were able to get a 2 mile warm up in before the first event, which was the 400m (one lap around the track). They did a guys and girls heat for this event. The guys went first.

And they’re off!

006 Edited

The girls went next. I ran a 78, which was just a hair slower than I ran the 400 at the first track series event. I was happy with that.

Next up was the distance medley relay. There are teams of 4 for this event. The first runner runs a 1200, the second runner runs a 400, the third runner runs an 800 and the fourth runner runs a 1600. We had just enough runners for 3 teams. Rebecca divided the teams up and we sorted out which leg each person would be doing.

Here is the start …

013 Edited

Check out Sarah’s stride! She is 11 and is already an amazing little runner. I think she’s got a bright future in this sport!


I ran the last leg for my team. I wanted to give a solid effort, but it was a little bit of a struggle mentally (physically too I’m sure, but it seemed to be more of a mental thing). We were about two laps behind the other two teams when I started the 1600, so I pretty much ran the mile by myself. I ran a 5:57 mile, which is totally fine, but it was just hard to push myself.

039 Edited

The last event of the day was the real kicker … a milk mile!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how this works, you basically drink milk, run a lap, drink milk, run a lap, drink milk, run a lap, drink milk, run a lap. 4 cups of milk and 4 laps around the track. Sounds awesome right?! Yeah, no.

This was the third year of the milk mile. I had never run it until this year. I was there the other two years, but I was always a spectator/videographer. I’m not exactly sure what changed my mind about it this year, but I decided that I wanted to participate.

If we are being honest, the thought of drinking 4 cups of milk was intimidating. I know that probably sounds udderly (get it?) ridiculous. I mean, I’m not lactose intolerant or anything like that, but I definitely tend to stick to “safe” milk alternatives like cashew and almond milk. Actually I do love me some chocolate almond milk, but I don’t drink 4 cups of it at a time. Once I evaluated the reasons that I was hesitant to participate, I realized that my reasons were silly and that I needed to “face my fears,” so to speak.


Turns out, it wasn’t that bad! We got to drink our first round (the cups were pretty small, so we had to drink two each time) before the timer started. I drank the first cups a little bit slower than I did the others and I quickly decided that “savoring” the milk wasn’t really going to make the experience any more enjoyable, so after that it was just gulp and go.


Some transition area shots …


Kenny is the undefeated milk mile champion. He has won every year! Not only is he a ridiculously fast runner, but he’s got the whole milk chugging thing down as well. He ran a 5:32! Holy cow.


The Daniels had a photo finish and came through in 5:50 ish.

127 Edited

I came through next in 6:32. I’ll take it! The picture below says 1) ahh! I’m almost done, 2) eww! I can’t believe I just did that and 3) I hope I don’t ever have to drink milk again. ever.

133 Edited

Sarah was such a trooper. She hates milk, but wanted to be in the running for a prize, so she did it! I think she’s done it every year actually. Here she is taking off for her final lap with, cheeks full of milk! Lol.


It was an awesome event and we had the best support squad ever!


The team heads to camp next week! It’s going to be a wonderful experience for them and the summer track series was a huge success!

So tell me … have you ever done a milk mile? Would you do it?!

13 thoughts on “Recap: Summer Track Series #3 (THE MILK MILE)”

    1. I am so glad that they raised enough money! I have a few pairs of shoes that I rotate between. I like the Brooks Pure Cadence for shorter things, like track or a 5K and then I wear the Brooks Launch or Ravenna as everyday trainers and for my long runs. I dont think it is absolutely necessary to have different shoes, but if you can, it’s a good idea.


  1. Congrats on your speed workout and milk mile! This whole series sounds like fun and a great way for people to try new track distances- or track at all- during the summertime. Plus it rocks that they raised enough money to send all the XC kids to camp.

    I’ve never done a milk mile. I don’t even think that would go over well here because everything is so alcohol based, so it’s like… beer mile or nothing (we also have “pub runs”, which are basically runs that begin and end at bars, and in the family friendly suburbs the running stores have to insist that families can attend). I think milk would be easier than beer because no carbonation, but I’ve never drank 4 beers in my life, haha.


    1. Yes! I have a feeling that the carbonation would make it much more difficult. We have plenty of alcohol-based things here as well, but since this one took place at a high school and there were high school kids there, milk was the only option. I can’t decide if I’d make it through a beer mile or not. I’m guessing likely not. Not going to lie though, I’m curious about it at this point. If one comes up, I’d be tempted to give it a shot. Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! That’s awesome enough funds were raised for the kids. Enriching children’s lives is so important. Milk? Ew. No way!!! It makes me feel yuk. Unless its almond milk. That I could do. 😉


    1. I know. I honestly can’t remember the last time that I had actual milk … probably 10 years ago? I drink cashew & almond milk pretty regularly, but sadly those weren’t options at this event. Lol. It honestly wasn’t as bad as I envisioned. You could totally do it!

      Liked by 1 person

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