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The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Dayz of Summer

Hi! We are home from a short but wonderful family beach trip.

We live less than an hour from the gulf and we headed down Thursday morning to meet Daniel’s family. His older sister, Michele, and her husband, Brett, were celebrating their 2 year anniversary. They got married at the beach 2 years ago and we got to celebrate with them and their daughter, Ava, again this time around. We were really happy to be able to join them.

Here is the whole gang!


We got lots of baby snuggles. Here is Uncle Daniel looking like a pro …


We got to relax on the beach. Here is Baby Ava looking like a pro …


The view from our condo was great! We got to watch the storms roll in Thursday evening.


We went to dinner at LuLu’s (the same place as the 5K that I did a few weeks ago). It was weird being there to eat and not to run.


After dinner we went out for ice cream. I had to buy a sweatshirt because I was FREEZING! Does eating or drinking cold things make anyone else cold?!


We caught a beautiful rainbow in the sky!


Friday morning Daniel and I got up semi-early (not normal weekday early, but vacation early) to do my workout. I had a 10 mile run with 5 easy followed by 5 “brisk” (slightly slower than marathon pace) miles. Daniel’s dad rode the bike with us while we ran.

We averaged 7:42 for the entire run and averaged 7:04 for the brisk portion. The goal range was 6:50 t0 7:00 pace, so we were pretty close. I was planning to give myself a 5 – 10 second “vacation” cushion anyway, so we were spot on! Haha.

Gotta get that post-workout sweaty selfie …


A few laps around the lazy river made us feel a ton better!


Seriously, the lazy river is where it’s at! I could’ve floated around that thing all day. Unfortunately it gets super crowded as the day goes on, but when we finished our run we basically had it to ourselves. We “raced” around the river (Daniel won … ugh) and stood on the jets to massage our sore feet. I’m pretty sure that is what post-run recovery is supposed to look like.

Miss Ava joined us at the lazy river later that morning.


We relaxed by the pool and I finished up the book I was reading.

Speaking of this book … I read Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness, a book about former Olympian, Suzy Favor Hamilton, and her struggle with anxiety during her running career and the mental illness that she suffered from. The book is both fascinating and disturbing. I respect her for writing this and bringing much-needed attention to mental illness in general and the pressure on athletes (at the high school, collegiate and professional levels).

According to a Runner’s World article about the book, “In the years after her retirement from professional running, Favor Hamilton, 47, says she struggled with anxiety, marital difficulties, and postpartum depression after giving birth to daughter Kylie in 2005. After coming close to suicide, she sought medical help and was placed on antidepressants. Favor Hamilton candidly discusses her intentional fall during the 1500-meter final at the 2000 Olympic Games, her brother’s suicide, how she came to be a high-end escort in Las Vegas (with the knowledge of her husband, Mark Hamilton), and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”

The book is traveling around my group of running friends (I think 5 or so of us have read it at this point) and it’s still got some circulating to do. I’ve been joking that it is like the sisterhood of the traveling prose.

After a nice afternoon nap (running + being out in the sun all morning will wear you out), it was time for dinner.


We enjoyed more baby cuddles and more ice cream …


Saturday morning I met Lizzie to run. She lives really close to where we were staying and it was wonderful to get a run in with her! We had lots to catch up on. One of those things being that crazy book! Haha. She is the one that passed it to me. Jessica … you’re up!

We didn’t have to worry too much about whether or not little Brooksy was okay or not because Dog Ranch posts pictures of all of the dogs playing and we saw that he was living it up!


My friend Joy pointed out that he was obviously an only child. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned with sharing that pool with the other pups. He likely learned that from his mom.

It was a quick trip, but it was really nice to spend some time with Daniel’s family. We are happy to be home and cuddling with our fur baby now. Thankfully, he seems to have had a wonderful vacation himself and he also seems to be feeling much better than he was when we left.

We are all worn out! Having fun is hard work!


I hope you are all having a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Dayz of Summer”

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation, especially since it was filled with baby cuddles and ice cream :). Even in the summer, I carry a sweatshirt in my car because restaurants and businesses can be so cold from the AC and cold food makes me colder too. Glad you got a couple good runs in while on vacation as well.

    I have never heard of Suzy Favor Hamilton’s book but now I want to read it too… maybe I should look it up the next time I’m at the library!


  2. Seems like a great vacation!
    Your puppy is too cute!!!!! Cuddling away!
    And even with the stormy clouds, looks like a great pool day.
    It is exhausting to have fun 🙂 but it’s a good exhaustion!


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