Bay Life

A Jog + A Blog

I am channelling my inner Dr. Seuss
to give this post a little spruce

Sometimes it’s fun to create a rhyme
especially when you have the time

I wanted to mix things up today
so I decided to take my run to the bay

I did half of my run on the road
and finished it up in beast beach-mode


I planned my run at low tide
so there was plenty of beach to hit my stride


I had to forge through a few creeks
but thankfully none that were over knee-deep

This is a peek of what I look like up a creek.

I had a few moments of dread
when I had to hurdle over a bulkhead

I have no future in the steeple chase
as I would simply fall flat on my face


I felt like I was on an adventure to the sea lab
as bay was alive with shrimp, jellyfish and crab


I even saw a fox!
But thankfully no crocs!

032 Edited

I ended up with just over eight miles
and arrived home with all smiles

I will bid you farewell
with one last picture of a beautiful artesian well


I hope that you enjoyed this post
with a glimpse of life on the Mobile Bay coast

7 thoughts on “A Jog + A Blog”

  1. very cool rhyming post! and so cool to see shrimp, jellyfish, crab, and fox!
    i really need to get out and run again…now that tropical storm Darby passed us, today’s humidity level is 96%…. not quite sure whether running in the afternoon would be such a great idea or not!


  2. love love love this!! come to the low country and we’ll run the BIG beaches where you don’t have to get your shoes wet 😉


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