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Slight Change in Plans

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First things first … The 50K (aka the 100K relay) that I have been training for got cancelled. Womp. Womp.

We got an email from the race director (RD) late Wednesday afternoon that basically said that because it has rained a lot in the last few days, the trail would get very damaged if were to run on the trail. Instead of cancelling the event outright, the RD is actually moving the “race” to his house, but stressed in the email that it would be a fun run and not a race. It would just be running loops on the streets and/or sidewalks of the RD’s neighborhood. So technically, I guess it wasn’t cancelled. Just changed.

Rebecca and I went back and forth about what to do and ultimately decided that we aren’t going to go. We were planning to leave around 3:30 a.m. to drive 3.5 hours to get to the race in the first place. That was crazy enough when it was actual trail race, but now we would be driving 7 hours round-trip just to run around a (potentially sketchy) random neighborhood that we aren’t familiar with at all. In the middle of the day. By ourselves.

It stinks to not do the race that we trained for, but in the spirit of letting it go and rolling with the flow, we might as well make the best of the situation. I was a little disappointed at first, but I feel good about the decision that we made, especially because now we have come up with a good substitute. I’ll tell you all about that soon, but I’m still planning to get my birthday miles in!


This week turned into a weird week training wise. Here is what I did:

Monday: 8.35 easy (half on the beach)

Tuesday: 13.75 miles (w/ 4 miles of speed-work)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 7 easy + 5 easy
Friday: 8 easy

Monday’s run was awesome and so refreshing. I was supposed to have a track workout (8 X 800) Tuesday morning, but I could not drag myself out of bed. I knew that Tuesday was really my only shot at getting the workout in. At this point the race was still on and I wanted to have a few easy days before the race. We usually go to Running Wild for the group run Tuesday evening, but I didn’t want to go this week. I usually love group runs at the store, but sometimes I just can’t do it.

The bottom line is that group run at the store is primarily a social gathering, which can be an emotionally draining situation. Introverts have to expend energy in social situations, unlike extroverts who gain energy from such interactions. I enjoy one-on-one (or small group) conversation, but chit-chat is definitely not my thing. Introverts can come across as being shy, anti-social or avoidant, but we’re really not. I promise.

Tangent complete.

I was planning to run on the treadmill after work Tuesday and attempt some sort of workout. I didn’t really like the idea of doing 800s on the treadmill because the speed would have to be too fast. The treadmill is a good option for slower repeats (AT/LT work as opposed to V02 max work), but the faster stuff needs to be done on a track (in my opinion). I ended up doing a wave tempo, which basically means I was alternating between two paces. I did 4 miles of “work” alternating between half marathon and 10K pace every 5 minutes for a total of 25 minutes. I covered the same distance as I would have in the 8 X 800 workout, but it just went a little bit differently than planned.

Apparently differently than planned became a theme at this point. Wednesday we got the email about the race. By Wednesday evening I still wasn’t sure what we were doing, but the one thing that I definitely knew was that I was tired and I needed a day off. It was storming when I got home from work, so that pretty much solidified the rest day decision.

Brooks was not about to let the mini-hurricane outside deter his playtime though.

015 Edited

I had to bundle up and hunker down to survive out there.


Rocking the rainboot and dress look! Dressy casual?

Rain also made for glorious sleeping conditions. I woke up Thursday feeling like a new human. Daniel and I ran together before and after work Thursday and then Friday morning I ran with Rebecca and Jessica. After a day off and 2 days of easy runs, I feel good!

Check out this new Galatians 5:22-23 tank top that I got! You can get one here.


This tank top with a purpose is a wonderful reminder of how we should live and love, how we should treat others and treat ourselves.

I recently found Chelsy on Istagram. She writes, “I hope this tank encourages you to seek the Fruits of the Spirit and I pray that when wearing it conversations are started, relationships are built, and others learn about the joy that comes from knowing Jesus.”

What a wonderful reminder!


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a fruitful Friday.

8 thoughts on “Slight Change in Plans”

  1. The issue with your race being cancelled then changed to a random run around a guy’s neighborhood is one of my issues with ultras. A lot of the people who run them are very happy-go-lucky like that, and that’s cool, but I’m not down with paying the money for a race and training for it (and you guys were training pretty intensely), and it being changed to a “fun run”. I guess it’s just my personality, but if I’m going to train for a race, pay, and show up, I want to run my best for that day. Even if it’s not a PR, I know they won’t all be, but I want to run and be proud of what I’m done. Not just “complete a distance”.

    Love your new shirt! Kudos to taking a day off with the bad weather and just needing an extra rest day. Always a good plan to listen to your body, especially with the race changes in there. I hope you still have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Yes! Trail runs are very low key and I get that and I’m usually cool with that. I’m like you though. If I do a race I am not there to just complete the distance. I could do that from my house and not the house of a random person we’ve never met before. Basically that’s what we did I guess!

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  2. Bummer about the race! But, I think y’all made the right decision. I can’t wait to find out what you’ve decided on next! Sometimes plans fall apart for even more amazing ones to come along. 🙂 I understand what you mean about group runs. I feel like an extroverted introvert lol does that make sense? My energy gets worn out quickly! But I do love people. I really like that tank!!! I need that reminder daily. Your blog brings me so much joy. 🙂 Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I totally get the extroverted introvert thing. I think there are lots of people that have some tendencies of both. I guess that’s what makes us all so unique and wonderful!


  3. That sucks about the race. I wouldn’t go either if that was me.

    I laughed when you wrote that the treadmill is a good option for slower repeats. I like doing mine on the treadmill and I guess mine are slow. 🙂


  4. That’s frustrating that the race was cancelled/moved, but I guess there’s nothing the RD could have done about it. Sounds like you let go of the disappointment pretty quickly and came up with a backup plan!


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