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Patience + Ponytails


First of all, thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and messages about Daniel’s guest post! I am SO GLAD that y’all enjoyed it. Maybe I will be able to convince him to make an appearance around here more often, but for now it’s back to the status quo.

Here is the weekly run-down:

Monday: 8 easy TM
Tuesday: 10 easy + RW group run
Wednesday: 5 easy
Thursday: 9.5 w/ some tempo miles
Friday: 11 easy

It didn’t seem to take me too long to recover from the 31 miles, but I think a lot of that was because it was broken up into two runs and we kept the pace nice and easy. Even so, this week was a bit of a down week with mostly easy runs. I have a two mile race next week and then I’ll be transitioning into training for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon. Woo hoo!

We had some beautiful sunsets this week, which is another great reminder that fall is around the corner. Y’all know I love a good sunset. Come on Earth … time to get that axis rotated!


This week has been a lesson in patience.

Daniel and I found a house that we LOVE in the location that we LOVE (basically one block from where we are living now) and we put an offer in on it (!!!). Super exciting! We were supposed to hear back Monday … then Tuesday … then Wednesday … and now, today. Waiting is not fun, but at the same time I know that if it is meant to be it’ll work out and if not, we will find something else *almost as good* (kidding (kind of)).

Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit that I need to cultivate. Be patient. Have faith. TRUST.


Just for funsies, I have to share this though. The day that we made the offer, the picture below popped up on my Timehop.


5 years ago to the day we bought our first house together as a married couple! I thought that was SO COOL.

I think that we basically bought the house because it just seemed like something that we were supposed to do. Isn’t that what you do? Get married. Buy a house. Have a kid.

P.S. Obviously, it doesn’t have to work that way! I’m just glad we figured it out on the house part, before we got to the kid part …

I will attempt to make a long story short (which is not really one of my talents). We bought the house in 2011 and then Daniel got in to grad school fairly soon after that. We were determined to pay for his grad school without any student loans, so things got pretty tight. We were making it by, but barely. Neither one of us was in love with the house or the location to begin with and we decided that the smartest thing to do would be to 1) sell the house, 2) move back to my family’s garage apartment (where the rent is CHEAP), 3) get through grad school and 4) save as much as we can before we do this again.

Our house sold within 1 day of us listing it. There wasn’t even a sign in the yard. God was watching out for us for sure! We have been here for 2 years now and we are ready to be homeowners again (and not squatters). I’ll keep you posted on how that shakes out!

I can’t wrap this up without some random quotes and pictures.

Exhibit A: Cat in a bowl. This is Debs (the cat that I owned for about a week that gave my ringworm and got adopted by my mom and has now replaced me as my mom’s favorite child). She is purr-ty. I know. I couldn’t resist.


Exhibit B: Jessica sent this to Rebecca and I this week. I love it. Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy!


Exhibit C: Dad and I on a boat ride. He doesn’t make an appearance on the blog often (mainly because it is hard to get him in front of the camera). I tricked him on this one by taking a picture of the sunset and then turning it around and getting a selfie. Once he realized what I was doing, he started laughing and BOOM … picture perfect.


Exhibit D: Figured out the hair situation. I was [thisclose] to chopping it off after a few not-so-pleasant run ins with the humidity, but I’ve got it now. I just need all. the. rubberbands. I wore my hair like this when I was a kid so that it wouldn’t get tangled on the boat … turns out it also works for an adult on the run.


2aaa6cba37a6fc811b2bbbe94994e217Alright. I’m done. See ya later!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

3 thoughts on “Patience + Ponytails”

  1. I love your hair with all the rubber bands! I’ve never thought of that but it would solve some of my issues. My hair is long and gets so sweaty but it’s pretty now so I don’t want to cut it.

    This weekend Clay has a friend from his hometown coming to visit so I think we are going out to dinner. Also I am running the bridge tomorrow and running with a friend on Sunday.


  2. oh man, I need to do my hair like that! I am currently down to two hair-ties so I guess I need to go buy more first. Where I’m living right now has over 90% humidity and temps between 87-91. I’ve been braiding my hair but pieces still fall out and get covered in sweat and then keep touching my back and ech I don’t like it.

    I hope you guys get the house!!!


  3. good luck with the house thing! I hope that you get your answers back real soon…. the waiting part is very nerve wrecking but patience will reward you at the end 🙂 I really hope y’all get some good results.
    great idea on the ponytail!


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