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30 Things

I thought it might be fun to do a little reminiscing and share 30 highlights from my 30th year. 30 was a wonderful year, dare I say the best year (so far)! For any new readers, it’ll be a good way to get caught up. If you’ve been reading all along (THANK YOU) and don’t care to rehash this stuff, then feel free to skip this one.

I’ve heard that your thirties are great years and from my (somewhat limited at this point) experience, I couldn’t agree more! I have been able to accept struggles as life lessons and gain a greater sense of purpose this year. Life is fragile and precious. Spend some quality time focusing on aligning who you truly are on the inside with what you are doing on the outside and figuring out why you are truly here. We all have a purpose!

Without further ado, here are 30 things (some serious, some silly) in chronological order that happened while I was 30.

  1. I started a new job that was horrible. You’re thinking … why is this a highlight, right? Just keep reading. But first I have to share this conversation that went down during my first (and only) week at the new job. Names have been changed to protect the innocent guilty.

Joe: I hear you are an expert in trust and estate returns. Is that correct?
Me: I have prepared them before, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means.
Joe: I asked you a yes, no question.
Me: Well, the answer would be no then.
Joe: When you get done here, come to my office, I have something for you to do.
Me: Sure, I’ll be right there.

There was another shareholder in my office during that part and when she left, I was going to head to Joe’s office, but I hear him on the phone at this point, so I wait until I hear him hang up. Immediately upon hanging up the phone, he pages me over the intercom in my office (I am about 10 feet away).

Joe: Did you not hear me when I asked you to come over here?
Me: Yes sir, I heard you, I am on the way.
Joe: (As I walk through the door … ) Did I not make myself clear enough for you when I asked you to come to my office?
Me: (Getting a little flustered at this point, but trying to stay calm) Yes sir, you were very clear, I heard you on the phone so I was waiting until you were done to walk over.
Joe: I don’t want to hear excuses.
Me: Blank stare.

Joe gives me the details of a project he wanted me to work on. I won’t bore you with those details.

Joe: So, I hear you run marathons.
Me: (Thinking, oh good maybe he’s going to be friendly now) Yes sir, I’ve done a few.
Joe: Which ones?
Me: I’ve done the one here in town a couple of times, I’ve done Boston …
Joe: (Interrupts) Oh really? Were you there the year that they blew it up?
Me: (Thinking, that’s a really odd and insensitive way to phrase that, but whatever) No sir, thankfully, I ran it the year before that.
Joe: So the race wasn’t on April 15th that year?
Me: Well, the race is always on Patriot’s Day, so it’s always somewhere around that time, but I don’t remember the exact date.
Joe: So you went to Boston, ran the race and then immediately came back to finish tax season?
Me: No sir, I had all of my projects completed or extended before I left and we stayed up there a few days after the race.
Joe: Just so you know, that will never be an option here.
Me: Exit stage right. Thinking to myself, “This isn’t really that big of a deal, I have no plans to run Boston again, but I don’t understand what he is trying to do here, other than be a total jerk.”

    1. Cont … I quit said job. This is where the highlight comes in! I stood up for myself! I do not think that anyone deserves to be talked to that way or treated that way on the first week at a new job. Looking back, I think he was just testing me to see how I would react. WELL … I’m not going to stand for someone using a position of authority to jerk me around. I guess quitting was the ultimate reaction. It would’ve been really validating if I had quit right there on the spot, but honestly it was still a hard decision. Starting and quitting a job in less than 2 weeks is not really an ideal career move. The guy that hired me was so very nice. I really wanted it to work with that firm, but there was no way that I was going to be able to work with “Joe.” I don’t have thick skin (nor do I think that I should have to have thick skin).
    2. I was able to go back to (a new and improved version of) the firm that I worked with for 4 years prior to making this change. HUGE BLESSING!
    3. I trained for the New York City Marathon.
    4. I coached the full marathon training group at Running Wild. This was my introduction to coaching and I loved it!
    5. I was chosen as a top 10 finalist in the Runner’s World Cover Search. What?!
    6. I went to New York City (for the first time ever) to participate in a photo shoot for the cover search.
    7. Daniel and I celebrated our 5th anniversary!
    8. We made a quick trip to 30A to run a half marathon.
    9. I learned how to chop wood.
    10. I ran the New York City marathon as a sub-elite runner.
    11. We saw Lion King on Broadway.
    12. The December issue of Runner’s World was released and I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my story and glorify The Lord through running.
    13. Daniel didn’t have to work Thanksgiving and we got to have Thanksgiving dinner together for the first time in a while.
    14. We went rappelling!
    15. I won the tacky Christmas sweater contest at small group.
    16. We made another quick trip to 30A for Daniel’s birthday!
    17. We got to spend quality time with my family (Christmas Eve) and Daniel’s family (Christmas Day), because once again … Daniel didn’t have to work! SO THANKFUL!
    18. I had an absolute BLAST running the First Light Marathon Relay with my wonderful running friends (and got an unofficial 10K PR in the process).
    19. I became an AUNT!
    20. I ran my first trail race.
    21. I made it through tax season with ZERO tears. Zero. Unless you have worked in public accounting and/or are a super sensitive person, you might not understand the significance of this, but trust me. It’s a BIG DEAL.
    22. Mom and I went on our annual post-tax season relaxation trip to 30A.
    23. I became an RRCA Certified Coach!
    24. Team “Flip Flops in Porta Johns and Other Bad Decisions” dominated Ragnar Tennessee!
    25. I celebrated National Running Day with some wonderful running friends!
    26. I got major cool wife points for finding Daniel a motorcycle to play on.
    27. I ran a MILK MILE.
    28. Daniel FINALLY wrote a guest post on the blog.
    29. Daniel and I had a wonderful vacation to Destin that included beach runs, a couples massage, good food, and jumping on a bungee trampoline!
    30.  I ran a 2 mile PR on my last day as a 30-year-old.

There you have it. 30 things that happened last year. I can honestly say that this is the most content, appreciative and thankful that I remember feeling. Thank you to everyone who has made this one of the best years of my life!

5 thoughts on “30 Things”

  1. So I knew almost nothing in this post! I know I’m a new reader but I feel like I missed out on so much! I didn’t know about Runner’s World, NYC, or that you coached a marathon group (btw, I really wish we had a marathon training group here, our store only does half and even that is for beginners). Anyway, now I want to read your Runner’s World article and I’m going to look for it!

    That job sounds absolutely terrible and I don’t blame you to quit. In that case, it’s a GOOD career move to leave in 2 weeks. The way the man talked to you, you knew that quickly that the job was not as advertised and wasn’t for you. I’m so glad you got another job quickly too. My friend Pat is an accountant and he also plans for his marathon in the Fall (MCM) bc of tax season!


  2. It was awesome that you were chosen as a finalist. This was fun to read. I’m newer to reading your blog but I love following your journey and it was great to look at some of the highlights!


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