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Just Keep Swimming

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

We are almost to the last week of August, football starts next weekend AND the shrimp boats are back in the bay. Do you know what that means? We are getting closer and closer to fall!


The goods news is that there is in fact a light at the end of this summer heat and humidity tunnel that we have been running through. The bad news is that it might get worse before it gets better. I promise it will get better. Until then … just keep swimming.


It seems to me that sometimes towards the end of the summer, training gets even tougher (mentally) because you think it is *supposed to be* already getting better. Shouldn’t we be acclimated by now? Perhaps to an extent, yes. But as you know, it’s never black and white. You don’t wake up one day magically adjusted and able to run the same pace that you would in cooler, drier conditions. When those cooler and drier conditions come … now that’s another story!

Hopefully you aren’t having to adjust your pace by quite as much as you did at the beginning of the summer though, right? You are making progress!

If you have been training throughout the summer, you have to remember that you have been running in the heat and humidity for several months now and your body is just likely a little bit drained and just worn down. I’m really not trying to be negative (just realistic). My point is that you have to remain diligent in your training and your recovery and patiently wait for the drier air and cooler temperatures.

Keep hydrating and recovering like a champ! We expect our bodies to do a lot for us, so in return we have to do a lot for our bodies. Practice some self care and self love and don’t beat yourself up if your workouts still aren’t going exactly as you hoped (P. S. I’m totally talking to myself right now).

In the spirit of embracing the remainder of the summer weather, Daniel and I decided to hit the beach for a short run yesterday afternoon! He needed a few miles to get over 50 for the week and I was happy to support his need for even numbers.

I did a similar run a few weeks ago. This time we did a little bit of a shorter route, but with the same general plan. We ran 2.5 miles on the road and then headed down to the bay and ran back home on the beach.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to plan this run at low tide. We checked the tide charts, but low tide was at close to 10 p.m., so that wasn’t going to work. We decided to give it a go anyway, but the water was pretty high and the bay was choppy.

I don’t know if “running” would really be an accurate description of what we did. There was some running, but mostly wading, hurdling and rock climbing. I think we will count this as a cross training day!

We had fun! We both agreed that we would like to make a beach run part of our semi-normal routine. We would also like to make yoga, strength training and cooking part of our semi-normal routine as well. Don’t hold your breath!

Tell me: What is something that you have good intentions of doing but that sometimes gets overlooked?

3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming”

  1. I loved this! Thank you for the reminder about heat and humidity. I have been fighting it and almost gave up. It’s tough! I haven’t had a blazing fast 5 or 10k lately so I’m just itching for fall!! And I’m great at good intentions…especially with cooking. 😉


  2. We all feel like we are swimming right now in this heat and humidity…

    I’ll admit that I’m a little fatigued. You gotta focus on recovery when running in this weather too- just a few slip ups in not recovering right can make a HUGE difference on your next run. Especially if you start a run just a bit dehydrated or something.

    It looks like you guys had some great easy mileage and cross training! Sometimes the best runs are the adventure ones when you just do whatever and run easy and it reminds you of how you love the activity of running and not just as a sport or “training”.


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