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Blood, Sweat & Goals

Happy Friday friends!

I have almost survived #restweek2016! I have run less than 20 miles this week (which is not much compared to what I have been doing the last few months). It has been a really nice week and I am feeling good!

I think the burnout that I was experiencing was 90% (or more) mental and 10% (or less) physical. I decided to go ahead and take it one step further (just in case my evaluation of the situation isn’t exactly accurate) and this morning I got some blood work done with InsideTracker.

InsideTracker is a blood biomarker analysis service. I have read several reviews about InsideTracker and I have been wanting to try it for quite a while. This seemed like as good a time as any to go ahead and follow through with that. There are several different plans to choose from.

They measure the most important biomarkers for overall well-being and athletic performance. You learn how each biomarker is affecting your health and are able to pinpoint previously undetected areas for improvement. You are then provided with a personalized plan to track your progress and measure the effectiveness of your actions.

The process has been seamless so far. I signed up yesterday, scheduled my lab appointment at a local Quest Diagnostics location and got my blood drawn at 7:45 this morning. By 7:55 I was done and headed home. I should have the results in a few days and I can’t wait to see what is says. I’ll keep you posted!


Now that we have the physical well-being part covered, let’s talk about the mental burnout for a minute. After a little bit of self-evaluation, I came to a pretty big conclusion.

I don’t love the marathon.

Mind = Blown.

Last year I signed up for NYC only because Daniel and a few other guys that we run with were going to do it. Well, the same thing happened this year with Baton Rouge (I haven’t signed up yet, thankfully). Daniel and a few of his buddies are training for it and so I was just like “ehh, why not.” My heart was not in it (at all) and I started putting off and dreading my workouts. At this point, I’m just thankful that I realized it when I did and not a month or two from now.

Somewhere along the way, the marathon just ended up being one more thing that I thought I was “supposed to do,” and not in a this is my calling sort of way, but in a people expect me to do this sort of way. I think I started feeling this way after Rock N Roll New Orleans. I am realizing now that this was just my perception of other people’s expectations, because let’s face it … no one really cares whether I run a marathon or not.

Side note: I think I need to write an entire post dedicated to all of the “supposed to do” traps that I have fallen into over the years. You’d think I would learn eventually … I feel like I am at least making progress at this point. Baby steps guys.

I love running. Running does not have to mean running marathons.

I’m not saying that I will never run a marathon again, but for right now it’s not what I want to focus on. For now I am going to train for shorter distances, basically from the mile to the half marathon. 1 mile, 2 mile, 5K, 4 mile, 8K, 10K, 15K, 10 mile, half marathon … you name it, I’m game!

Even though the half marathon is only half of the distance of the marathon (hello captain obvious), I feel 10X better after a half than after a marathon. They are so much easier on your body. My favorite part of training for marathons was just that, the training, not the race itself. Even with this new focus, I still plan to get in a few long (ish) runs with friends. I LOVE camaraderie of long training runs with friends and I’m not willing to give that up completely. I just might have to join them for part of their run or something like that.

I’m going to be focusing on QUALITY > QUANTITY. I’m pretty excited about it too! Focusing on the shorter distances (up through the half marathon) over the next year or two will give me an opportunity to (hopefully) improve my times in those races.

I know that some people just like to run for fun (hey, I like doing that too!), but I also think that having goals is important. Goals give you short-term motivation and long-term vision.

Here are some concrete goals that I want to focus on:

Short-Term (current) – General: Focus on speed and shorter distances. Specific: sub 18 5k, sub 37:30 10k, sub 62 10 mile, sub 1:23 half.

Mid-Term (1 to 2 years) – General: Continue focusing on speed and shorter distances. Specific: work down to 17:30 5k, sub 37 10k, sub 60 10 mile, sub 1:20 half.

Long-Term (2+ years) – Consider running a couple of marathons and continue working on half marathon time.

Bigger picture: I want to be able to run healthily and happily my whole life. That’s really the most important goal of all!

While we are on the topic of goals … I am currently working on some non-running goals as well. As a celebration of our first “official” year at the new firm, Nathan and Sharee gave all of the staff members the DVD home study edition of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!


We will be watching the videos with our spouses and working on household budgets, etc. and we will also discuss some of the principles during our weekly staff meeting at work.

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a plan for your money. It teaches God’s ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!

I’ve never been through the classes before, so I am really excited to get started. I know that it is going to be a challenging, yet rewarding undertaking.

Whew. Lots of good stuff today! I hope you all have a nice long weekend ahead of you!

4 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat & Goals”

  1. great post. I think I am exactly in that “supposed to” trap… I don’t even know why I signed up for this year’s marathon but I did because my husband did. I didn’t enjoy last year’s marathon training at all. This year, I can tell that my weekly mileage has improved (drastically) and my speed has changed (for the better) but even then, just imagining about those long(er) distances like the 15 miles, 18 miles, even 20 miles (hopefully this year, I’ll get to fit that in. Last year, the most I ran was 18 miles before the marathon….) is like a nightmare. I’m not looking forward to these long runs at all! And I ask myself, then why am I doing this? I feel like I am supposed to run a marathon because I am running a lot weekly. But now I know I don’t have to! After this year’s marathon, I’ll re-evaluate myself and see if I want to continue doing the marathon. Last year was my first one ever and this will be my second one- at least after this one, I don’t have to say last year’s was my first and the only marathon!


  2. I’ve done Financial Peace University. It was a few years ago and Clay and I went through it with my job. We thought the information itself was great, but the last few lessons were a little too preachy for us (neither of us are particularly religious). I realize this will probably not be a concern for you, though. We did learn a lot and I would recommend it in general. I didn’t agree 100% with everything he presented but feel like it’s a great basic intro to the financial side for anyone who needs it. I also think it’s good for couples to do together like we did.

    I completed a marathon (I don’t even want to say I ran it, because I ran 18 miles and death marched 8.2) and after that went back to short stuff and don’t regret it. I may revisit the marathon but it is just one race distance and does NOT define a runner! I have a friend who pretty much only runs 5KS but he rocks at them. He runs a 19 minute 5K and he’s 60. He is happy doing 5Ks and likes that it’s over quick without so much recovery and very manageable training for his life.


  3. Beautifully written and insightful. You’re a wise woman. I must admit I do love the marathon though! It’s like a getaway for me…maybe I’m just crazy. I’ve heard great things about financial peace university! I would like to take the course myself someday soon. As far as supposed to traps…all the time. Except with mothering and trying to be super woman. Hint: I fall short! But, God is so gracious!!! And He is the only one we look to for what we’re supposed to do. 🙂


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