IRL: In Running Life (A Post of Running Acronyms)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I found this random running acronym survey floating around the interwebs and decided that it would be a fun thing to complete. Without further ado …

DNS- Did Not Start: This year there have been a couple of races that I DNS. I can’t think of any before this year. I’ve also run 21 races this year and I typically averaged about 10 or so a year before this year, so I guess perhaps my odds of a DNS were increased. I’m going to go with that anyway. I signed up for 2 50K races that I didn’t run (thankfully ultra races are super-duper cheap) and 1 5K that I didn’t run (the whole busted my face thing).

DNF- Did Not Finish: Nope. I haven’t ever started a race that I DNF!

DFL- Dead Freaking Last: Nope.

FFF- Finished Freaking First: A few times! Usually at very small, local races, but also that one time at the New Orleans Rock N Roll Marathon. Side note: I ran a 3:03, which usually would not even come close to winning a Rock N Roll race. Still though … it’s one of my favorite memories and my favorite finish line photo by far!


BQ- Boston Qualified: Yes! Ironically enough, I have gotten a BQ at every marathon that I have run except for when I actually ran Boston.

DQ- Didn’t Quit: I have quit a few workouts over the years, but never in a race.

WMD- Wore a Medal to Dinner: Yep! Boston 2012.


BTW- Bemoaned The Weather: Who hasn’t?! The worst conditions I ever raced in was, hands down, Boston 2012. The temperature was in the 90s the entire race. It was not a good day.

SSP- Shared Shoe Photos: Why yes, yes I have. When you find “the one,” you can’t help but share it with the world. My shoe is the Brooks Launch! Aren’t they beautiful?!


TUBT- Threw Up By Track: Uh … no! Luckily, I haven’t ever thrown up while running. Not even in the Milk Mile! Daniel, on the other hand, has a different answer. Ask him about the time he ate a burrito as an “afternoon snack” before an evening track workout. Yeah … and that’s not the only time he has gotten sick at the track. One of us is definitely not doing it right and I don’t think it’s me.

PR- Personal Record: I’ve gotten a few PRs this year. Any PR day is a good day!

PB- Personal Bartie: I’m at like a 95/100 on this one. While I am fairly certain that the super technical, official definition of a “bartie” is a selfie with Bart Yasso, I do have a picture with Bart and some group selfies (would that make it a groupie …) with him. I got to meet Bart in NYC as part of the Runner’s World cover search last year.


CRAPOP- Certifiably Ruined A Port O Potty: Lol … it’s possible.

LOL- Leaked On Leg: Um … nope. I’m not a mother runner though. Apparently, it happens.

OMG- Ordered Many Gels: I’m not a huge fan of gels in general (I prefer to use UCAN as my fuel source for longer runs), but we do have an entire box of Clif gels in our pantry right now thanks to Daniel. I’ll take credit for the OMG.

BFF- Blessed with Fast Feet: A lot of my BFFs are BFF! Ha. Love these gals!


BRB- Blisters Rubbed Bloody: Unfortunately, yes. Toe socks have changed my life! No more ugly, bloody blisters for me!

WTF- Waddled Through Finish: Not that I recall.

IDK- Injured Darn Knee: Yep! Not too long ago in fact.

ET- Eulogized a Toenail: If I do, I shall call it “An Ode to the Toes.” Our poor runner feet put up with so much.

GPJ- Got Passed by a Joggler: I’m assuming that a joggler is a juggling jogger, but I’m not entirely sure about that. If that is the case, then no … not passed by one. We do have a joggler at some of the local races though. So that’s something!

Hope you enjoyed the silliness. TTYL! BRB! LOL!

3 thoughts on “IRL: In Running Life (A Post of Running Acronyms)”

  1. I love your answers and think it’s so awesome you won a marathon. I can’t say I’ve had many friends to win a marathon. Smaller local races, yeah (I’ve even won a few of those), but not a marathon. And don’t discount your 3:03, you were the fastest person to show up that day and give it a shot and deserve the win!

    Like you I’ve had a few DNS and a janky knee too! But hopefully that’s on the mend and no more DNS races. It helps that I’m not registered for anything at the moment… ;). But yeah, it’s bound to happen when you run 20+ races a year.


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