Weekly Workouts

Hello! Coming at ya today with a run-down of my runs for the week + some other miscellaneous happenings:

Monday: 8 easy w/ Rebecca

Tuesday: 7 easy TM + RW group run

Wednesday: 5 easy w/ Rebecca

It was nice to be able to run with Rebecca this week! She was out of school for Thanksgiving break and we were able to run and not start in the 3 o’clock hour. Woo hoo!

Thursday: Turkey Trot!

After trotting that morning, we headed to my grandmother’s (aka Nana or Hot Dot) for lunch. Everything was delicious! She made sweet potato casserole for me (she probably made it for other people too, but I like to pretend that it’s all mine).

I had another serving (or two) of the sweet potatoes after round 1.


The lemon pie that we brought was very well received! Daniel and I each had a piece at lunch and another one for dinner. I love all things lemon. I don’t eat pie twice a day very often (or ever really … once a year perhaps), but on Thanksgiving it’s almost mandatory.


Our lemon pie made us strong! Ha. The below picture didn’t have anything to do with lemon pie. Daniel gives me a hard time because I have “a side” that I like to be on for pictures. Do you do this? He thinks it’s slightly cray. He decided that my side was the side that he wanted as well because he is a leftie and it is his “strong” side. Somehow that led to a muscle picture. Classy.


Friday: 8.5 easy w/ Daniel’s friends

We had a super productive day Friday! I don’t know about for you, but for me Friday seemed like a complete bonus day. Thursday felt like Saturday (probably because the day started with a race and we were off work) and when Friday came around, it was like we went back and got an extra day. Sweet!

Mr. Brookser got a bath and a hair cut. He closed his eyes for his close up.


Don’t worry! We got a better picture of him later. He’s decorated and ready for Christmas! If only he would stay clean until Christmas …


We stocked up on groceries and cooked several days worth of oatmeal and grilled chicken (#mealprep #adulting #gous).

Saturday: 17 “moderate” (7:41 average) w/ Daniel’s friends

This was my longest run since August, which seems crazy! I thought that my plan said 15 – 16 miles, but in actuality it was only 15. Oops. Most of the guys were doing 18, so I ran most of the route with them and cut off a few places to shorten it. I was pleased that my endurance seems to have held up pretty well. I’ve got a few half marathons coming up (one this week, one in January and then one at the beginning of March) and I know that this run will benefit me in the long run (pun intended).

Sunday: 11 miles w/ Rebecca

We had a beautiful sunset yesterday evening that brought a close to the Thanksgiving week.


The colors continue to change as it sets. It’s hard to capture a sunset with a picture, but trust me when I say that it was beautiful!


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving week! Back to reality today …

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts”

  1. Oooh, that sunset is amazing. Yay for being able to run with Rebecca! And I’m super impressed by your Saturday/Sunday mileage. Especially since the Saturday run was a little longer than prescribed and “moderate” as opposed to easy. You’re in great shape!


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