My Mom’s Da Bomb

Well … hello!

I just got home from a quick girls’ trip to Birmingham. My mom had an appointment to get her hair done and I decided to tag along for some shopping, laughter and mother-daughter bonding. She didn’t even have to ask me twice!



The trip up was a tad eventful, seeing as how it rained in the first time in fifty forevers. Apparently my mom strongly dislikes traveling in rain. She checked the weather app every 10 minutes and was super unhappy if I drove over 50 mph while it rained (it was a pretty bad storm). Thankfully we made it safely!

We jammed out to Meghan Trainor for the majority of the trip. My mom has two of her CDs (so hip!) and let me just tell you, we are all about that bass. My favorite song by far is Bang Dem Sticks though. We may or may not have listened to that one about 20 times (but we most definitely did). I also spent some time trying to make a catchy story out of all of the Meghan Trainor song titles. I made some headway, but it’s not blog-worthy quite yet. Spoiler: It involves a talking bass (the fish). Hopefully I can finish that up for you guys soon. Ha.


I got my nails done while Mom got her hair done. I went to Foxy Nails III (the foxiest of them all, I’m fairly certain) and had a wonderful experience. I have been there one other time and had a great experience then as well, but you never know. The guy that did my nails was perhaps the most OCD nail person ever and he made my little heart so happy. Gotta love and appreciate a fellow OCD person’s thoroughness and craftsmanship. I decided to embrace the holiday spirit head on! So festive …

We got some Christmas shopping done and then spent the remainder of the evening watching Gilmore Girls at our hotel. We stayed at the Grand Bohemian, which was awesome. It is in a great location and it is a very new and funky hotel (hence the Bohemian name).

Exhibit A: Hall Artwork.

I earned major daughter points for waiting to watch the new episodes with my mom. Not gonna lie … it took a lot of restraint. We watched the show together every Tuesday night when I was in high-school. We even watched the show together occasionally when I was in college. Mom would come to visit on a Tuesday just so that we could watch Gilmore Girls. We were hard core (it should be noted that I am also an only child, but that isn’t the point … the point is that Gilmore Girls was always our show and we went above and beyond to watch them together (then and now)). Of course I wanted to wait to watch with her!

Room service + GG = perfection!

We only watched 1 of the 4 episodes. I already know that 4 episodes is not going to be nearly enough.

We went exploring around the hotel Thursday morning. The weather cooled down by about 40 degrees overnight and the fall colors were out in full force. We don’t get to see a lot of fall color in south AL, so it was really nice to get a glimpse while we were “up north.” There is a beautiful little trail that runs right through Mountain Brook.

After we walked, I went for a short (relative terminology of course) 6 mile run around the same area. I did manage to get myself slightly turned around, but thankfully I found my way back to the hotel. Holy hills. I definitely need to work on my hill running.

That’s all I’ve got for today. We had so much fun on our less than 24 hour trip! I laughed more than I have in a while. I even laughed so hard that I spewed diet Dr. Pepper all over the car. There was an incident with a hard boiled egg. It’s probably one of those things where you had to be there, but regardless … oops.

Daniel and I will be headed to Baton Rouge this weekend for his marathon! I’m running the half and then will be there for moral support for the Daniels (young Daniel and my Daniel) and for Lizzie. They are all running the full. It should be fun!

Have you ever gotten so tickled at something that your drink came out of your nose or mouth? Tell me a funny story!

6 thoughts on “My Mom’s Da Bomb”

  1. sounds like a fun girls trip 🙂
    I just recently started watching GG- after my friend told me I should watch it. So I am still on Season 1 Episode 4. ha! Long ways to go….
    Good luck on the half and cheering for the Daniels. Waiting for the recap!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the relationship you described between you and your mom, that is so sweet! I hope to have that kind of relationship with my daughter when she is an adult!


  2. It looks like you had a really fun trip with your mom. I love that you got to spend time together and just chill and watch TV, and get your hair and nails done. It’s these kinds of things that are money well spent making memories together, more than just buying “stuff” on a holiday weekend :).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My mom and I are the same way with Gilmore Girls! We watched together through high school and then talked on the phone after when I was in college. I’ve only watched the first of the new 4 as well. She does not have Netflix but I’m going to make sure I send her my login. 🙂


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