FLM Sentiments

I just finished up my last mini-workout of the training cycle and I am feeling a little bit nostalgic, thinking back on all of the memories made along the streets of Mobile at the First Light Marathon over the years. I have participated in the First Light Marathon in some form or fashion since 2008! I have SO MANY wonderful memories associated with this race and I am getting really excited about this year’s race.

Here’s what it has looked like so far:
2008: Half marathon 2:00:43
2009: Half marathon 1:41:39
2010: Half marathon 1:42:07
2011: Full marathon 3:24:12 (my first marathon)
2012: Relay! 2:57:17 (female champs and a course record)
2013: Full marathon 3:23:26
2014: Relay! (female champs)
2015: Relay! (female champs)
2016: Relay! 2:54:52 (female champs and a course record)
2017: Half marathon 1:24:44 AND relay 2:50:XX (co-ed champs and a course record)

2018 is still TBD, but I will be running the full and also participating in the relay again (full and half marathon runners are allowed to run leg 1 of the relay). Having my friends (aka my relay team) out there all along the course is going to make for a really fun day! I also have 4 training buddies running the full and I am excited for each one of them. Daniel will also be out along the course on his bike offering emotional support to all of us. Ha.

I have a solid race plan (thanks to my fabulous coach) that includes easing into the pace over the first couple of miles, maintaining a smooth, steady pace through mile 11, running based on effort from miles 11 to 20 (the hilly section of the race … theoretically, the effort level should stay the same during this time, but the pace will naturally slow up the hills and speed up slightly down the hills) and running it home with heart, one mile at a time.

It’s going to hurt at times and it’s going to be uncomfortable at times, but for the entirety of the race, I will be out there doing something that I LOVE with some of my favorite people. It’s going to be a GREAT day!

2 thoughts on “FLM Sentiments”

  1. What an amazing history you have with this race. And wow- I didn’t realize how steep of an improvement you’ve made. That shows what a hard worker you are! I like the new blog design, too.


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