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Hello, hello!

It’s been just over a week since First Light. I’ve done a few easy runs, but have mostly been in recovery mode. I figured this would be a great chance to catch up with some over some current things!

Current activity: We played disc golf last weekend and I had a blast! I’ve played disc golf twice now in the last 10 years, but my skills weren’t too rusty. I was pleasantly surprised! Oddly enough, my disc golf skills mirror my regular golf skills perfectly (good long distance game … terrible short distance game). I want to practice and play again soon. My dad and I used to have a little disc golf “course” set up at home (basically we just threw the thing as far as we could and then tried to hit a tree or something as the “hole”) and it would be really fun to do something like that again.

Current book: I am reading The Rainmaker by John Grisham. I’m really into legal books and shows these days.

Current confession: So, I think I might’ve taught my first class in the wrong room. I feel like showing up to the wrong class is such an embarrassing college student thing to do, but I doubt many teachers have done it. Several students came in asking if this was the finance class and I kept telling them that this was the tax class. “Bless their hearts,” I thought to myself. A couple of minutes before class started the dean (the DEAN!) of the business school came over to my room to ask if I was teaching in this room. Honestly, I still didn’t really think anything of it. After class, one of my students told me that our class was location was listed as being in the computer lab and we were definitely not in a computer lab. Facepalm.

Current drink: Strawberry lemonade Nuun (but I don’t know if that’s as much a current thing as much as an always and forever thing).

Current excitement: I have registered for my next race! I’m going to be running the Wine 10K in Birmingham on March 3. It’s a very competitive race … we’re talking top 10 females last year were all under 38 minutes! Whoa. I’m excited to shift my focus away from the marathon and to some short stuff for a while.

Current fail: I got a new iPhone and I’ve dropped it more times in a month than I dropped my old phone in 3 years. Is it just me or are the new iPhones more slippery?


Current game: HQ Trivia. So, I don’t actually play this, but I watch Daniel play it and it’s fun.

Current habit: Adding at least 5 minutes of core work every day. Most days I do more, but if not, 5 minutes is better than nothing.

Current indulgence: Hot chocolate. It just hits the spot when it is super chilly out (or in … we’re having some issues with our heat).

Current juxtaposition: Don’t ignore the wisdom …


Current knowledge: All. the. knowledge.


Current list: I’ve got a decent little list going of potential 5Ks and 10Ks that I want to do this Spring.

Current mood: Just happy to be alive and along for the ride! I’m channeling my inner Brookser.


Current need: I need a decent pair of running gloves. I have lots of cheap-o Target ones (which I love), but they don’t do a whole lot for me when it is actually cold out. I legit thought my hands were going to fall off from frostbite one day last week. In my defense, that one day was the COLDEST day of the year I an entitled to whine about the cold at least a little bit (it’s part of my rights as a true Southerner).


Current obsession: My Goodr sunglasses. You need to get some. They are awesome!

Current procrastination: I am currently procrastinating all productivity, but if you are reading this, that means I have moved on and am no longer procrastinating all the things.

Current quote: This! Look for the good in everything.


Current rave: I really love my run angel! I know several of you might be interested in this, so I need to do a post all about it. The peace of mind that it gives me if I run alone is really wonderful!


Current show: The Good Wife! I think it is one of my favorite shows that we’ve watched. Definitely in the top 10.

Current uncertainty: I’m not sure if I am going to be able to coach Girls on the Run this Spring. I really want to, but there is only one school in our area doing a Spring semester and they are practicing on the two days of the week that I have already committed to working. Argh.

Current video: CRAM Ram! Y’all. I could watch this over and over. It makes me belly laugh. I think it is partly just funny because all of our friends have watched it and quote it all the time. I have it saved on my phone so that I can watch it if I ever need a pick me up.

Current want: I REALLY want to get the Tie Dye Brooks Launch!


Current yogurt: Noosa! It’s the best.

Current zone: Currently living outside my comfort zone in a few areas (especially with teaching) and while it is a bit uncomfortable in the short-term, I am hopeful that it is going to pay off in the long-term.

 Tell me: What is currently going on in your life?

4 thoughts on “#CurrentStatus”

  1. I want the tie-dye Brooks Launch too. I’m waiting until my injuries are healed and I’m done with ART to buy them because running injuries are expensive and I don’t feel like splurging on shoes when I hardly run. I’m glad recovery from the marathon is going well and that you’re back into doing core work and some easy runs, even if you’re super busy with the class and other parts of life.

    Amy Lauren


  2. Because you recommended them, my husband and I each bought a pair of Goodr sunglasses. We recently got them in the mail and I’ve worn them running once so far (I run in the dark a lot but come spring I’ll use them much more). They’ve been awesome! Thank you for suggesting them! Funny story about the wrong classroom!


  3. Just watched the CRAM video and couldn’t stop laughing at work (although I was concerned the rams would hurt someone)! Sounds like you have some good stuff happening right now! Oh, the Saucony Run Mitt is perfect for cold days. Otherwise I just wear those cheap stretchy gloves.


  4. I live in North AL, and my runs were 20-29 degrees for the first week of January. Honestly what works best for my hands on cold runs is keeping my hands in my sleeves. I have long-sleeve, fleece-lined compression shirts and some Target running hoodies have sleeves long enough to pull over my hands and hold shut. No gloves. I just keep my hands in a loose fist and hold the sleeve closed over my hands. As they warm up and become sweaty, I let loose of the end of the sleeve but still keep my hands inside–a little breeze and a little protection. Hope that helps! Happy running!


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