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May Recap

Y’all. Is it really JUNE?

Month Recap: May 2018

The Running


I started working with a new coach towards the end of April. You can read about that and more here! May brought some challenging workouts as I settled into a groove of working with Sarah. I struggled with the longer workouts that were prescribed. One was a two mile warm up followed by four miles at 6:45, three miles at 6:35, two miles at 6:25 and one mile at 6:15 with a three mile cool down (with a half mile recovery in between each of the sets). I didn’t quite make it all the way through this workout, but I at least came close.

Another one was a three mile warm up followed by three miles at 6:50, three by one mile at 6:26 (with a half mile recovery in between), three miles at 6:50 and a three mile cool down. This workout was scheduled for a Saturday morning, but I procrastinated it until Sunday (in the name of giving myself an extra day to prepare). I was struggling to run during the warm up miles and made the executive decision to just bag the workout all together. I had run a 5K the weekend before and done a really hard 15 X 90 second interval workout the week of this workout, so I think my legs just weren’t recovered enough.

With the idea of a late fall marathon in mind, my workouts this summer will be focused on building both speed and strength. I am in better shape speed wise than strength wise currently (in Sarah’s opinion at least (I don’t know how good my speed really is)). Those longer runs are definitely challenging, but I know that I need to do some work on that front in order to build the strength that I need for a good marathon.

Workouts: I got in six pretty solid workouts this month. I think the goal is basically two quality sessions per week, but I did two races as well, so that pretty much gets me to an average of two quality runs per week.

2 mi. WU, 15 X 2:00 hard (6:11 avg.) w/ 1:00 easy jogging recovery, 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 4 mi. (6:54 avg.), 3 mi. (6:41 avg.), 2 mi. (6:59 avg.), 2 mi. CD 

2 mi. WU, 3 X 800 (2:57 avg.), 6 X 400 (1:24 avg.), 3 X 800 (3:02 avg.), 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 15 X 1:30 hard (5:56 pace) w/ 1:00 easy jogging recovery, 2 mi. CD

3 mi. WU, 3 X 800 (3:00 avg.), 3 X 600 (2:15 avg.), 3 X 400 (1:24 avg.), 2 mi. CD 

2 mi. WU, 15 X 1:00 hard (5:41 avg.) w/ 1:00 easy jogging recovery, 2 mi. CD

Favorite workout: My favorite workout was the 3 X 800, 3 X 600, 3 X 400 ladder workout. The workout was easy to manage mentally. I told myself just to get through the 3 X 800 and I’d be almost done. While that wasn’t really the case, by the time I got through the 3 X 600 portion, I was definitely almost done. I felt really strong on the 3 X 400 portion and it’s always great to finish up a workout feeling strong!

Races: I ran the Do it in the Bush 5K on May 12 and the Paradise Island 5K on May 27. DIITB was a trail run and Paradise Island was on the paved trails at the Gulf State Park.

Favorite race: While I really enjoyed running through the woods at DIITB, Paradise Island was my favorite race. DIITB is a no frills race (I do enjoy that from time to time), but Paradise Island definitely took the cake this month. I loved the medals and the awards, which influenced my opinion for sure.

Paces: My paces ranged from 6:05 (first mile of Paradise Island) to 10:55 (on the trails at Chewacla in Auburn). I felt like I was flying on the trails at Chewacla, but my average pace for a seven mile run was 10:28. I was taking smaller, quicker strides than normal, trying [unsuccessfully I might add] not to bust my butt on the trails. Taking more steps than usual gave me a false feeling of running faster. I’m sure that there is a technique to trail running that I don’t have mastered. If I pursue trailing running, I’ll have to look into that some more.

Miles: 287!

Longest run: 15.4 miles.

Shortest run: 5 miles.

Rest days: I took two days off completely.

Strength training: Lots of planking and one Jasyoga video (facepalm). What would be a good goal? One Jasyoga video per week? Surely I can make that happen.

The Other Stuff

Current activity: We moved everything out of our storage unit this month! We likely should’ve done this about a year ago when we moved into the house, but better late than never I suppose.

Current blog: I have really been enjoying following Anna the Apple and SF Road Warrior.

Current confession: Sometimes I don’t wash my hair before work. For whatever reason, I can’t stand dry shampoo, but I sprinkle some baby powder in my hair and I’m good to go!

Current drink: Bolthouse Farms protein shakes. These things are delicious and are a super convenient way to get some good protein in post-workout. I likely should be making my own protein shakes with our new blender, but sometimes (almost every time) convenience wins in my book.

Current excitement: It’s FRIDAY! Need I say more?


Current fail: My relatively new phone got dropped (not naming any names) and the back is all cracked up. Thankfully the screen is fine though! Oh. And I got a new case for it to hide the cracks. I love it! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons …

Current game: Fetch! Okay, so technically I don’t play fetch, but Brookser surely does. I consider myself more of a facilitator in the game of fetch.

Current habit: Keeping my fingernails ridiculously short. I’m trying to not get my nails done very often and so if my fingernails can’t be pretty, I like them to be pretty much nonexistent. I used to have to keep my fingernails short when I took piano lessons in high school (my teacher would make us trim our fingernails if you could hear them “click” on the keys) and I hated it (both the fingernail trimming thing and the entire piano lesson thing).

Current indulgence: Taking a few minutes to lay down after my workouts. I look forward to this time during the entire workout. Ha!

Current joke: What kind of shoes do frogs wear? Open toad.

Current knowledge: The only thing constant is change.

Current list: I’m trying to narrow down my fall marathon options. I’m looking at the beginning of December and there are several good options, both locally (Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL and Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon in Biloxi, MS) and across the country (California International Marathon). If I wait until December, I can get a solid block of speed training this summer and then not start marathon specific training until the fall, after we get back from Ragnar Colorado. There are also some earlier races are on my radar, but aren’t really as viable. Those are Indianapolis, St. George and Philadelphia.

Current mood: Happy (with a side of sleepy).

Current need: Screen wipes. I am a little OCD about keeping my phone and other electronic devices clean (that’s an understatement). I’ve been out of screen wipes for several days now and it’s making me crazy.

Current obsession: Hydration! Gotta stay diligent and on top of the hydration situation now that it is getting toasty outside.

Current procrastination: I renewed my car tag in April, but have yet to put the new sticker on my car because I am waiting until my car is clean. I should likely just wipe the sticker part off and get it over with, but maybe I’ll actually go to the car wash sooner rather than later. That’s what I keep telling myself at least.

Current quote: See below.


Current rave: I love the Brooks Levitates. I have been a loyal Brooks Launch girl for years now, but the Levitates are definitely in the running for favorite shoe right now.

Current show: Fairly Legal. It just suddenly dawned on me that all of my favorite shows are legal shows. I thought about being a lawyer back in the day. I definitely don’t regret the decision not to do that, but I still think that watching legal shows is super interesting. If I was a lawyer, I’d want to do all of the research and not have to argue in court.

Current uncertainty: I am doing the Grandman Triathlon as part of a relay team (like I did last year). Apparently the bacteria levels in the bay have been much higher than normal and higher than what is advisable for swimming, so we aren’t sure yet if the swim will go on or if it will be a duathlon instead. If it is a duathlon, it will be a run, bike, run and I will be running twice (a one mile and a 5K) instead of just the 5K. Hopefully we will find out today, because I need to think about my strategy for that! I’d have about an hour in between the one mile and the 5K.

Current vegetable: I am loving cauliflower these days.

Current want: To go skiing!

Current yearning: To find passion in mutiple facets of my life simultaneously.

Current zone: Pretty comfortable.

Tell me: What is currently going on in your life?

6 thoughts on “May Recap”

  1. You should run CIM! I signed up for CIM to BQ and it looks like there will be a lot of positive running energy there! Sacramento is also a wonderful place to visit! Keep us updated on what race you decide to do!


    1. Ahh! I really want to, but the travel might be a bit much. I’m excited for you though! I agree that it seems to be a great race with a lot of great energy. Good luck with your training!


  2. That’s a huge amount of mileage, which speaks to how much you will get up to as the marathon approaches. It’s great that you are being challenged by your new coach. I think I told her she’s local to where I live. Also, I only wash my hair every two days. When I don’t wash it, I just wet the part that sweat (everything but the ponytail) and then dry it out. Can’t wait to see you kill it in the fall!


    1. Good to know on the hair thing! I need to try that as well. I’ve been getting by with a braid or a bun on the days that I don’t wash it. I hope you are resting and taking care of yourself. Just remember how strong you came back after your last bout with mono. I know it’s hard though! Thinking about you …


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