Weekly Recap

Training Log – 06.24.18

Happy Monday!

The current situation at our house is a bit warm. Our air conditioner went out Saturday morning and it’s been a bit toasty ever since. Thankfully we have a portable unit that is keeping our bedroom cool so that we can sleep okay, but the rest of the house is a different story. Hopefully we will get it fixed today! In the meantime, we are really taking this heat acclimation training very seriously. Ha.

Here is what my training looked like the week of 06.18.18 – 06.24.18:

Monday – Easy: 8 miles (8:29 pace)

Rebecca met me for an easy run before work!

Tuesday AM – Quality: 9 miles (7:25 pace) + PM – Easy: 5 miles (9:15 pace)

My workout this week was a two mile warm up, 12 X 90 seconds hard with 90 seconds recovery and a two mile cool down. I’ve gotten to where I really enjoy these interval workouts based on time instead of distance. For some reason 12 X 90 seconds sounds less intimidating to me than 12 X 400 meters, even though they are practically the exact same thing. Actually each 90 second interval was a little bit longer than a 400 would’ve been. I averaged 5:50 pace for hard sections of the workout.

I did a Jasyoga core session and two quick resets on Tuesday afternoon and then met Rebecca for an easy double. It was crazy hot, but we had a good run!

Wednesday – Easy: 5 miles (9:25 pace)

I was supposed to do another day of easy doubles on Wednesday, but I didn’t get home from work until after 7:30 Wednesday evening. I know that’s not late for some of you, but I rarely run after 6:00 p.m. The missed miles just got redistributed and rearranged a bit, which worked out fine.

Thursday – Easy: 11 miles (8:42 pace)

Thursday morning Daniel and I met Kenny and Bowie to run all the hills. In actuality, it was only about 700 feet of climbing, but we basically ran every hill in town. We are trying to add some hilly runs in before we head to Colorado for Ragnar in August. The race starts at around 9,000 ft. and climbs up as high as 11,000 ft. before descending down to 6,000 ft. and climbing back up to 9,000 ft. It’s going to be insane SO MUCH FUN!

Friday – Easy: 8 miles (9:09 pace)

Daniel and I ran a loop Friday morning and then I headed back out for a few more miles to get eight for the day.

Saturday AM – Quality: 8 miles (7:30 pace) + PM – Easy: 5 miles (8:54 pace)

Saturday’s workout was a two mile warm up, 6 X 1K with 2 minutes standing rest and a three mile cool down (that I shortened to two miles). I thought I was going to be flying solo for this workout, but it ended up that Daniel was able to run with me for four of the repeats and that helped tremendously! We got going around 6 a.m. Saturday morning, which is a little later than a typical weekly workout, but no so late that we were baking at the end. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely warm out … it just could’ve been much worse.

My goal pace was 5:46 per mile for the thousands (two and a half laps around the track). Actual paces were 5:47, 5:41, 5:43, 5:48, 5:58 and 5:59. I ran much faster for the first four repeats as I was chasing Daniel around the track and then the last two were just about survival. I definitely contemplated being done at four when Daniel stopped, but I resisted the temptation and finished the workout even though my paces were slower. I’ve never not finished a race, but for whatever reason I do have a tendency to quit during workouts sometimes and I want to work on getting better about not doing that.

Sunday – Easy: 11 miles (8:51 pace)

Sunday morning was a pretty standard group long (ish) run. The group was a bit smaller than normal, but we had a good run. Sunday afternoon I did a Jasyoga plank video and also one called “booty lock mitigation” that was great for stretching out my hips and glutes. Given the lack of AC at our house, I think these videos likely qualify as “hot yoga.” I also played tennis for two hours late Sunday afternoon! I haven’t played tennis in a very long time … like, maybe two years or more … I can’t even remember. It was so much fun and I’m hoping to get back into it a little bit somehow.

Totals – 70 miles, 5 Jasyoga videos and 3 sets of tennis! 

That’s it for now! Have a great week!

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