Weekly Recap

Training Log – 08.05.18

Happy Sunday!

This week was pretty chill on the workout front (i.e., no workouts). I did a tough workout last Sunday and then this week was primarily easy running getting ready for and subsequently recovering from the mile race.

Here is what my training looked like the week of 07.30.18 – 08.05.18:

Monday – Easy: 10 miles (8:53 pace)

I started the week off with an easy run with Rebecca and Bowie.

Tuesday – Easy: 10.5 miles (8:38 pace)

Tuesday morning we had a special treat! Tia (@arkansasrunnermom) joined us for our weekly hill run (815 feet of climbing). She and her family were on staying close by on vacation and we were able to meet up for a run. We have been “internet friends” for over three years at this point and it was so cool to meet her in person. She is a lovely person and was a wonderful running buddy.

Wednesday – Easy: 5 miles (9:14 pace)

I did a short five mile treadmill run before work on Wednesday. I was trying my best to take it easy and rest up for the race Thursday.

Thursday AM – Easy: 4 miles (9:40 pace) + PM – RACE: 6 miles (7:41 pace)

I ran a few easy miles Thursday morning. I wanted to keep my legs fresh and also stay in my regular routine the morning of the race. I figured that if I didn’t run, my legs would be stiff and I would feel a bit stale that evening.

Thursday evening I did a three mile warm up, raced the mile and did a two mile cool down.

Friday – Easy: 8 miles (8:38 pace)

Tia joined us again Friday morning before heading home to Arkansas. Rebecca and I did four miles and then Tia met us for four more. I expected to be a bit sore from the mile race, my legs felt surprisingly good!

Saturday – Easy: 8 miles (8:37 pace)

Saturday morning was a fairly standard group run at Warehouse.

Sunday – Easy: 13 miles (8:57 pace)

Sunday was more of the same! My legs were a bit tired Sunday, but overall I felt really good. I took Brooks for a little trot when I got home and walked a few miles with my mom.

Total – 65 miles

That’s it for now! I hope you guys have a great week!

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