FLM: Week 2

Happy Sunday friends! Here is a quick (ish) run down of how my runs went down this week.

Monday: 2 mi. WU, 12 X 400 hill repeats, 2 mi. CD (10 miles @ 7:41 average)

I already wrote a whole blog post about this workout, so I won’t rehash it again. Here’s how it went down:


Tuesday: 6 miles on the TM (9:00 pace)

I don’t have much to say about this run specifically, so let me talk about easy runs in general for a minute … I saw a quote recently that said, “There is no such thing as overtraining, only under recovery.” I thought that was an interesting spin on things and it makes a lot of sense. It is pretty easy to overdo it on an easy run, when in actuality, the easy run is there in your schedule for a specific purpose.

Easy recovery runs help with essential things such as muscle and tissue repair, removal of waste products, reduction of inflammation, restoration of energy stores and nutrients necessary for cellular activity and recuperation of the central nervous system. These runs should be done at 65 – 75% of max heart rate. While I don’t specifically train using heart rate data, it is a good tool to use (especially if I want to make the most of my fancy-smanchy running watch that measures my HR) and I try to be at least slightly cognizant of my heart rate and what zone I am running in (especially on the easy days).

Here is a snapshot of the different HR training zones from my Garmin Connect:


My average heart rate for this run was 130 bpm, which is close to 65% of my max heart rate.

Wednesday: 8 miles on the TM (9:46 pace)

Not gonna lie, I did some walking during this “run.” If I run outside, I rarely take a walk break, but for whatever reason when I am on the TM, it’s like that little decrease speed button is calling to me, begging me to hit it and take a little breather. Sometimes I can resist the urge and other times, I totally give in.

Thursday: 2 mi. WU, 3 X 2 miles w/ 0.25 recovery, 1.5 mi. CD (10 miles @ 7:24 average)

Thursday was my second “workout” of the week, LT repeats. The goal range was 6:15 to 6:25. Since the TM has really been calling to me lately (i.e., neither my friends nor my spouse are currently doing specific workouts), I spent more quality time with Mr. Tready again on Thursday.

After a 2 mile warm up, I started the repeats and I kept the speed pretty consistent during the workout portion of this run. Sometimes I try to do a negative split, but after the first set I knew that I would be doing good to just hold on where I started. Splits were 12:39 (6:19, 6:20), 12:38 (6:18, 6:20), 12:34 (6:16, 6:18). I got in a quick mile and a half cool down and got on with my day. Overall, I was very happy with how I felt and how the workout went.

Friday: 8 miles w/ Rebecca and Jessica! (9:01 pace)

I can’t believe that this was my first run outside all week. I was supposed to meet Rebecca and Jessica Wednesday morning as well, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Thankfully I was able to redeem myself and get up w/ the 4:00 a.m. alarm on Friday. Ha. I am so glad that I did because we had a great run. It was nice and chilly out and the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. We had some good life chats and got in 8 miles. There isn’t a better way to start the day (IMO)!

Saturday: 8 miles w/ the Daniels, Kenny, Ali and Cody (8:02 pace)

My schedule called for 16 miles at a moderate pace, but that didn’t exactly happen. I usually run with Daniel’s group when I have moderate pace runs planned, as my moderate pace is basically their easy, everyday pace. Usually this works out well. Unfortunately, this week I was just not feeling the long run Saturday morning. For one, I don’t think that my legs had fully recovered from my Thursday workout and secondly, the temperatures spiked overnight and it was mid-70s and muggy Saturday morning, making for some less than ideal running conditions.

After considering my schedule for next week and the goals of this training cycle, I basically decided that missing one long run was going to be less detrimental than trying to push back the long run and attempt it on Sunday, which would’ve interfered with my speed workouts next week. I know that my endurance is solid. Speedwork is more important at this point. All that is really just to say that I happily called it a day at 8 on Saturday (both Daniels ran 8 as well) and (contrary to what including this paragraph may imply) I am not worried about missing the LR.

Sunday: 8 miles w/ the girls! (9:00 pace)

Rebecca, Jessica, Lizzie, Jill and I got in an easy 8 miles and some quality friend time (aka running + coffee conversations) Sunday morning before the rain set in.

With that, week two of half marathon specific training is done. I’ve got mile repeats, a tempo run and a moderate pace long run are on tap next week, workout wise. I’ve also got some runs w/ friends, 2 strength training sessions & a Christmas Eve Jingle Bell Jog planned. Yay for Christmas holidays!

How “easy” do you run your easy runs?

Dealing with PTSD & The End of DST


This post started as a simple recap of my weekly workouts, but once I started typing, there was so much more to say. Blogging has a way of keeping me in check with my thoughts and emotions (so it’s basically like free therapy except for the “safe space” is the entire internet). Today I’ve got all. the. feels. to share.

Monday: 8 easy + 3 easy

Monday was a turnaround day for me! After hobbling around for a couple of weeks, my knee finally wasn’t bothering me. All of that RICE-ing I did finally paid off. I knew as soon as I walked down the steps Monday morning that I was healing. The stairs had become my nemesis in the previous two weeks. The sprain that I had in my knee ligament was angered by bending my knee, which is crucial for walking down stairs (and a lot of other things).

I started the week off with an easy run on the treadmill + Netflix watching. It was a good start.

After work Daniel wanted to go for a short run and I was more than happy to join in. You know because “oh em gee, my knee feels amazing!” The time change was a bit of an adjustment this week for sure. If given an option, I think I’d rather just stay on Daylight Saving Time (DST) year-round. I appreciate the additional hour of light in the mornings once DST ends, but the darkness in the evenings is no fun (as far as running is concerned). I think I’d probably feel differently about it if I didn’t run.

When the sun goes down, I feel like I am supposed to go to sleep. I like to rise and set with the sun! I’ve had to remind myself several times this week that 6 or 7 p.m. is a tad early for bedtime (only a tad though :)).

For whatever reason, running in the dark in the morning doesn’t bother me as much as running in the dark in the evenings. It’s probably because in the morning it is always getting lighter as you run and in the evening it’s not. Regardless, running in the dark in the evening feels more ominous. In actuality, I rarely run by myself when it is light out anyway, but I definitely don’t run by myself in the dark. Period. Once DST ends, I feel like I can’t safely go out for a run by myself after work. It’s as if a freedom (even one that I rarely exercise (pun intended)) is replaced with fear.

It is difficult, challenging, frustrating, scary and a host of other negative emotions to lose your sense of safety and security. Around this time each year, my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms seem to resurface or worsen. Feelings of depression and despair set in and I always have this general feeling that something bad is about to happen. It’s as if I am just waiting for some sort of disaster to take place.

Side note: It was only in writing this post that I realized that PTSD is DST backwards and without the P. Coincidence? I think not.

What I have only somewhat recently (in the last two or three years) been able to recognize, is that these feelings come up at about the same time every year. Like clockwork, when the time changes and fall arrives, I find myself depressed, anxious, sad, and kind of paranoid, but not in a normal seasonal affective disorder sort of way. It happens every November and it is because my body is remembering a traumatic season in my life (even if my mind isn’t specifically acknowledging it).

So this year fall came and I literally fell. Hard. As silly as it seems, that dang fall sent me spiraling into a deep funk. I am not saying that falling down is the same thing as being attacked (i.e., raped (I hate that word)), but regardless of severity, it was a trauma. My body felt trauma and remembered past trauma and I got depressed, anxious, sad, scared, etc. (like I said … all the feels). All I wanted to do was sleep and isolate myself from the rest of the world. I did a pretty good job of this for about 2 weeks. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t want to see my friends. I was in a major funk.

Luckily, I am acknowledging it (very publicly at that … go big or go home, ehh) and am now dealing with the feelings instead of trying to stuff them away. My first inclination when I feel anything negative is to shut it out completely. This is NOT a healthy coping mechanism. Ignoring or avoiding the feelings has been compared to putting a band-aid on a severed limb. It just doesn’t work. Eventually the feelings will bubble up and spill over until they are properly dealt with.

Safety is defined as the state of being safe; free from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss. This definition of safety is relative to the physical sense. It relates to the notion that the absence of risk of physical harm creates safety. However, when dealing with PTSD, the definition of safety takes on a different meaning. When it comes to PTSD, the idea of safety deals with the notion of feeling safe. So for now, I will be focusing on self-care and making sure that I feel safe.

Speaking of safety, let’s segue this post back to running by using this picture of me in my Nathan Streak Vest. This picture quality is terrible. My apologizes. The vest, however, is great quality and keeps me nice and visible during our evening runs. Safety first!


Daniel also carries a flashlight (the Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch) when we run in the evenings. The flashlight also has an alarm on it and charges from a USB port (no batteries). I highly recommend it!

Tuesday: 2 mi. WU, 4 mi. progression tempo (6:30, 6:24, 6:21, 6:16), 2 mi. CD + RW Group Run

I wrote a little bit about this workout already, but this was my first workout in over 3 weeks. I was so thankful to get it in and to feel good afterwards!

I almost passed on the group run Tuesday evening, but Daniel wanted to go and in the spirit of not isolating myself from the world, I decided to be social and join him.

Wednesday: 5 easy

Not too much to say about this one. I was [this|close] to taking the day off, which would’ve totally been fine, but Jessica texted Wednesday afternoon to see if I wanted to run. Duh! Time with friends > time alone.

Thursday: 3 easy

Easy breezy. Loving the extra daylight in the morning and the cooler temperatures!

Friday: 5 easy + 5 easy

Saturday: 9 easy w/ RW Group

After our run Saturday morning, Daniel and I had a quick post-run breakfast date at Warehouse. He ran 16 miles and decided to get the Bayou Breakfast Benedict (it’s a biscuit with eggs, sausage, fried okra and creole tomato sauce). I went with a slightly healthier alternative and got their granola with fruit and almond milk.


We have been reading through Galatians this week. A few verses really jumped out at me today. Galatians 5:13-15 says: For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.

Can I get an AMEN?! Can’t we all just love our neighbors (regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political views, etc.)? We were all created equally. I know that is a complete oversimplification of things, but really … sometimes there is a very simple solution to very complicated issues. Spread love. Share the Gospel. Share Jesus.


Really guys, it starts with you. Be the change that you wish to see (paraphrased from Gandhi). Focus on what you can do to make the world a little bit better and go do it!

Sunday: Battleship 12K! Race recap to come tomorrow (Lord willing).

Tell me: Do you love or hate the end of daylight saving time (or are you indifferent)?

Weekly Workouts

Hello! Coming at ya this evening with a run-down of my runs for the week:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 9 easy + RW group run

Wednesday: 3 mi. WU, 4 mi. LT tempo (6:44, 6:18, 6:18, 6:31), 1.75 mi. CD

I was tempted to take this workout to the TM or even the track, but ultimately decided that since I race on the roads and I need to do the workout on the roads. I need to get used to pacing myself, running on uneven terrain and battling the elements (wind, weather, etc.). I extended the warm up to avoid a humongous hill during the first mile of my workout again this week.

The workout was a 4 mile tempo at 6:15 to 6:25 pace. I have noticed that I have a hard time settling into the pace on the first mile of my tempo runs in the dark. I seem to be a bit slow on the first mile each week (even after an extended warm up) even though I feel like I am right on pace. There is a bit of a hill in the first mile of the route I have been doing (even though I avoid the humongous one), so I’m sure that has something to do with it.

I settled into a good groove during the second and third miles and was feeling good. I had to stop twice for traffic to cross the street during my fourth mile and it’s kind of difficult to get right back on pace after stopping. My overall average for the tempo miles was 6:27, which was only a few seconds off of my goal range, so I don’t really have anything to complain about.

No Ragrats.

Thursday: 8 easy

Friday: 2 mi. WU, 3 X 1 mile (6:36, 6:27, 6:33), 2 mi. CD

Friday morning was an impromptu track workout. I paced a friend for a few mile repeats and felt good!

Saturday: 9 easy

My legs were definitely feeling the quicker miles from Friday and a few miles into the run Saturday I knew that I needed to hold off and do my long run Sunday. I ran a few miles with the Daniels and headed back to the car. They did 20 miles and both of them ran great! I had some time to kill before they got back, so I headed over to RW for a few minutes and then met back up with the guys for breakfast.

Sunday: 16 mile moderate pace LR (7:46 average)

I am so glad that I waited for my long run because the weather Sunday was AMAZING! It was a perfect cool, crisp fall morning and I got in a great long run with friends. I took it a little bit easier the first half of the run (8:09 average) and then picked it up the second half of the run (7:22 average). I wish this weather would stick around for a while!

That’s it for the week. I’ve got TWO races next weekend. I’m pretty excited!

Have a great week y’all!

Weekly Workouts

Hey y’all!

This week was fairly uneventful (read: I took zero pictures on my phone). No pictures = uneventful week. It seems like it takes me a little bit of time to adjust back to reality after a weekend away. I am definitely not complaining. We had a great trip and I am thankful that we can get away for a weekend here and there.

I had a few good workouts this week, so that’s what we’ll talk about today. I’m pleased with the quality runs that I got in this week. Quality over quantity is my new thing and I’m enjoying it. I love pushing myself and getting a good workout in before work. I definitely have more endorphins on workout days!


Monday: 5 easy

Tuesday: 3 mi. WU, 4 mi. LT wave tempo, 1.6 mi. CD

The wave tempo is a continuous run of ~ 30 minutes alternating intensities every 2-5 minutes. The purpose of the workout is to improve lactate threshold (LT) and efficiency at dissipating lactate and to improve your ability to run a quick pace for extended periods of time.

I was only supposed to do a two mile warm up, but the route we were running had us running up a pretty big hill on mile 3, so I extended the warm up to avoid starting my workout up a hill. I think I just lost at least 2 hard-core points.

The workout called for a 4 mile tempo, alternating the pace every half mile between 6:35-6:40 and 6:05-6:10. My actual paces for each half mile segment were: 6:55, 6:28, 6:37, 6:16, 6:33, 6:16, 6:36, 6:17, so the mile splits were 6:40, 6:25, 6:24, 6:26. I wasn’t quite as quick as I was supposed to be on the faster parts. It can be difficult to hit specific paces while doing a workout in the dark. I checked my pace a few times throughout the workout, but otherwise I was just trying to run by feel.

Wednesday: 5 easy

Thursday: 2 mi. WU, 8 X 800 w/ 400 rec, 2 mi. CD

I typically like to have more than one day in between stress workouts and actually, I was supposed to do the workouts Monday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Thursday. However, due to the above-referenced reality adjustment that hit me Monday morning, I knew the better option for me this week was going to be Tuesday and Thursday.

Turns out that the 8 X 800 workout was an even bigger reality check than work Monday morning! My goal pace range was 2:52-2:56 (spoiler alert: I didn’t hit that). It has been a hot minute since I last did 800s (just checked … it was all the way back in May). I knew going in that it was going to be a tough workout, but I also knew that all I could do was give it a shot.

I hit 3:02, 2:56, 2:57, 2:58, 3:00, 3:00, 3:04 and 3:12. Not really happy with those last two, but otherwise I’ll take it. I just kind of felt like I ran out of steam. Also, my workout buddy did 6 X 800 and I was trying to encourage her throughout the workout (saying, “you’re over half way there” and “only two to go,” etc.) and I totally psyched myself out. By the time she I was done I was SO READY to be done too. Haha. My mind felt betrayed by my legs when I still tried to do those last two repeats, but I think my mind got the last say.

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: 14 miles @ 7:26 pace

I don’t know exactly what happened for the long run this week, but I felt SO GOOD! Most of my long runs are supposed to be done at “moderate pace” right now (7:20-7:40). I was a little bit nervous going into it (mainly because I only had one day to recover from the 800 workout) and I even debated skipping the LR altogether and/or running it at an easy pace.

Daniel encouraged me to come run with him and to at least try the moderate pace. We got to the group run about 20 minutes early (Daniel is one of “those” on time is late people). I don’t really like sitting around waiting for the run to start (Hi my name is Sam and I need to be busy … like always). Thankfully Jim got there 20 minutes early (to run two miles before the group started) and so I decided to go ahead and get two of my miles knocked out too.

Apparently we were both ready to G-O, because we averaged 7:20 for those first two miles. At that point I figured I might as well try to hold that pace and see if I could keep the entire run somewhere in the goal pace range. We met back with the group for the 6 am start. Most of the guys were doing 18 to 20, so I ran 8 more miles with them and then I did my own thing for the last 4 miles.

Daniel ended up with 18 miles at a 7:21 average, so that was a really solid run for him too. He’s still planning to run the marathon in December.  

Sunday: 7 easy

That’s it for the week. I’ve got a mile repeat workout next week and a 5K next weekend. The temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-60s! Fingers crossed.

My Tribe

Hello friends!

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

Saturday morning I headed to Running Wild to get my long run done for the weekend. Rebecca, Ashley and I needed to get 20 miles in, so we met before the normal group run and got 6 miles knocked out before 6 a.m. We met back at the store and joined the rest of the group for 10 miles and then headed back out to get the leftover 4 miles done.

The store has various distance options for the group runs. This week there was a 5 mile, 8 mile and 10 mile route. We got to run with Lizzie, Jill and Jessica for part of our run too.


Yesterday was Lizzie’s last day working at Running Wild. It was a bittersweet day for sure. She has a great new job and we are excited for her, but we will surely miss seeing her several times per week. She’ll only be about 45 minutes away, so we are planning to visit her regularly.

There were good-bye hugs … these pictures crack me up. Perfectly imperfect.


What in the world?


I have so much love for these running friendships. I know that I have done a pretty solid job of professing my undying love of running on the internet at this point, but I’m going to do a little bit more of that now. Running has brought a lot of really positive things into my life, but one of the greatest things that it has given me is community and a sense of belonging.

These are my people.


For years (i.e., throughout high school and college), I struggled to find a friend group. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great friends, but I never felt like I truly “fit in” or that people accepted me for me. I felt like I had to be or act a certain way to fit in with whatever group it was. Even then, I knew I didn’t truly belong. I was almost happier to be by myself (hello only child) and while this can be good at times, it’s also a lonely way to live.

The running community is absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful to have found the sense of belonging that comes from being a part of it. Belonging is a basic human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Running brings people together by putting the focus on ways we are similar, instead of focusing on ways we are different. Even though we are different in some ways (we are in different life stages, have different political views, come from different backgrounds, etc.), we are all runners and we accept each other for who we are.

We are all a little bit looney and that makes it fun!

After our run, we did our typical drink all the drinks and hang out at Coffee Loft for several hours. I don’t know how we manage to do this, but it’s like we could just talk and hang out forever. I love it!


8 drinks for 3 people … totally normal. Not pictured (aka already consumed) are my G2 and sprite zero that I added Nuun to. I also drank lots of water and one Nuun tablet during the run. Lots of hydration is needed on these summer long runs!

006 Edited

Daniel had to work Saturday morning, so he wanted to do his run Saturday afternoon after work. He is kind of warming up to the idea of me “coaching” him. He wanted to do a workout Saturday and he let me pick it out … this is going to be fun. Hehe.

I decided to have him do a brisk pace run. He did 5 miles easy and 5 miles at brisk pace. I have this same workout coming up this week and my coach had just done a post about the benefits of this type of run, so I guess it was just fresh on my brain. The focus of the brisk run is to stay relaxed while running quickly, which helps us to run as efficiently as possible in workouts and races. The more relaxed we stay the less energy we burn at every speed.

I rode the bike with Daniel during his workout, which was fun. I was able to shout at him encourage him and hold his water for him. Win, win. He had a great run and I was happy to be along for the ride (literally).

009 Edited

I took an impromptu rest day Sunday, which was much need and really nice. Last week was a big week mileage wise and I felt like a day off would be better for me than an easy run.


My day went like this: sleep in –> go to church –> read –> take a nap –> watch the Olympic Trials. It was a perfect mental, physical and spiritual “reset” day. Running and gymnastics are my two favorite sports to watch and they were both on this weekend! I can’t wait for the Olympics now!

What is your favorite event to watch?


Born in the USA

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap. This weekly wrap is going to be outlined and illustrated by a random assortment of phone pics from the week that did not previously make it to the blog, but that will help us catch up on what’s been going on.

We’ve been spending our evenings watching all. the. sports. It’s awesome! The Olympic Trials, Wimbledon and now the Tour de France. So many sports, so little time.


Brooks enjoys sitting on me cuddling with us on the couch in the evenings. I saw this quote and absolutely loved it! Yes, yes and yes!

002 Edited

Our treadmill died a few weeks ago, which was a major bummer, but we actually got really lucky because the issue was only some rust on the console that was causing it not to start. P.S. You know you live in lower AL when your treadmill that is inside gets rusty from the humidity in the air. We got the treadmill in September 2011 and it had a 5 year electronics warranty (so we were within 2 months of that running out). They sent us a new console and she is back up and running!

I see plenty more workouts in our future.


In the meantime, I decided to join the local YMCA. We’ve had a membership in the past, but usually ended up not using it very much. I enjoyed working out at the gym with my mom the last few times that I was at home and so I decided that I might enjoy that on a more regular basis. I have already used it a couple of times this week. I did the elliptical and I actually enjoyed it. I never thought I would say that about any non-running gym machine ever.

They also have several classes that I want to try out. I used to get frustrated because the classes that I wanted to go to were always not early enough for me to go and get to work on time or they started too early after work for me to make it, but now I have more flexibility to actually make it to several of the classes. I’ve also been using the aerobics room to do abs and to stretch. I’m turning over a new leaf. Maybe I’m just thinking about turning the leaf over at this point, but still … I stretched twice this week.


I know that you are impressed with my photog skillz. Basically I was torn between, I should take a picture of this for the blog and not wanting to be “that girl” who takes a picture of everything she does. It’s a struggle I tell ya.

Rebecca and I are always trying to figure out exactly how all of the runners on Instagram get these crazy awesome pictures of themselves running all the time. It’s baffling really. Social media really magnifies the comparison trap. It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people or even to yourself at a different life stage. This seems to be a topic that Rebecca and I keep coming back to over and over again in our conversations. I saw this quote this week and I thought it was an excellent reminder.


Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or to your old self. Do something each day that makes you a better version of your current self and roll with it. You are who you are right now and if you don’t like who you are … get to work on that. One day at a time.


In other news, I got my new racing kit this week! I recently found out that I was selected to be a RADrabbit ambassador. All Rabbit apparel is made right here in the USA and is made by runners for runners. The RAD in RADrabbit stands for Runners and Dreamers and their slogan is “born to run free.” I’m so excited to be a part of their very first team!


I wore my outfit at the 5K I ran yesterday and it was great. I didn’t have any issues with any of it. Super comfortable and functional. I can’t wait to try out some of the other pieces.

I am totally a hat person and I am really digging my rabbit hat. I think I’ve worn it every day since I’ve gotten it, which also means that my hair has likely been dirty at some point every day and I needed to cover it up. Case in point. Post 5K car ride home.


I am doing my long run tomorrow and so this morning I technically could’ve slept in. I am so used to waking up before 5 a.m. that I was wide awake by 5:30 a.m. with no hopes of falling back asleep. Brooks was pretty pleased. He got to go out and play before 6 a.m. He usually has to wait on us to get home from running to get his first play session of the day in.

After I was up, I decided to take my book down to the bay with my coffee and read some. I finished up Emily Giffin’s new book First Comes Love this morning. I read the entire thing in two days! I just couldn’t put it down. I knew that was going to happen though. I get really emotionally invested in a book whenever I actually decide to read one. A holiday weekend seemed like a good time to pick it up, since I have plenty of free time to get lost in the pages.


There was a nice breeze and it felt so nice out. I enjoyed some peaceful time outside without any distractions.

I have two more pictures to share and then I’ll be done.

First is this peach lacy halter top tank that I found, perfect for layering. I had never seen anything like it and it’s perfect for tops that are too loose or that you just want to add a different look to. I found it at Adrenaline and thought it was very clever. I’m sure it’s something that teenagers are into (and probably have been into for a while) and that a 30-year-old shouldn’t be wearing, but oh well. I’m a late adopter and since I’m not comparing myself to anyone else, I’m gonna wear my peach tank proudly. Ha.


Second is this Moving Comfort delicate laundry bag that solves a major laundry issue. We put all of our socks in it during the week and then when we do laundry, we don’t have any mysteriously disappearing socks anymore. It’s genius! I got this at Running Wild, but I don’t know if they still have them or not. You can find similar ones on Amazon.


Kind of a random assortment of stuff today. Tis life! I hope you are enjoying you and having a safe, fun weekend!

What are you doing tomorrow?

I Will Survive (Hey Hey)

Hey, hey! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

As it turns out, I didn’t end up playing tennis this weekend, but my team actually won state! I was supposed to play Friday afternoon. However, one of our girls won her first match 6-1, 6-1 that morning and still felt fresh, so it made sense to let her play again. Honestly, I was relieved not to play. The tournament snuck up on me and I didn’t get much any practice in. I would’ve been totally winging it and when you have a state championship on the line, that isn’t really the best approach.

I’m so proud of my team! Here are the 4.5 Alabama state champs!


It’s hard to juggle tennis and [ultra] marathon training. Tennis is so hard on my feet and it was hard for me to find time to play this spring. Tennis was my first love (sports wise) and I hope to get back into it more seriously one day, but right now running is my main focus. Running will likely be the main focus for at least the next 4 or 5 years and then, who knows, maybe tennis will take over. My running years will likely peak during that window and tennis is a lifetime sport. I just need to play enough over the next few years to be somewhat competitive when I am ready to get back into it.

This weekend was a big training weekend for me. The 50K that I am looking to do is in 4 weeks. That doesn’t leave too much time! It isn’t really going to be a goal race, but mainly just want to do one so that I can continue my birthday streak. I need 31 miles for 31 years. One day I’m going to have to pick a new birthday tradition (or perhaps just switch over to kilometers), but for now I’m going to continue with the whole run my age in miles thing.

Saturday morning I ran with Daniel and his friends. I ended up doing 12 miles at just under 8 minute pace (7:52). The guys picked it up some towards the end of the run, so their average was a little bit quicker. I enjoyed running with Daniel’s group at a pace a little bit faster than I would have if left to my own devices. I think it’s good for me to push the pace a little bit every now and then on an easy run, just to get out of my comfort zone.


Of course coffee and breakfast afterwards at Warehouse is just an added bonus!

Rebecca and Savannah came and met us for breakfast and Savannah really enjoyed her fruity pebbles donut. She kept picking the entire plate up and brining it to her face instead of picking up the donut because she doesn’t like to get her hands sticky. She is a little OCD like her mama!


Since Daniel was finally off work this weekend (hallelujah), we headed to the bay with our fur baby for a little bit Saturday afternoon. Brooks did his typical fetching and waller around in the sand thing. He’s a mess. Like literally a mess after this …


The remainder of the day was an HGTV Flip or Flop marathon with some rest thrown in.


Sunday morning was the longest run of the training cycle thus far and of course, it was crazy hot and humid (I guess that’s pretty much a given at this point, but I feel the need to say it every time just in case you aren’t familiar with lower AL summer weather).

Rebecca and I had a good 22 mile route mapped out with lots of options for water. Jessica joined us too! She isn’t even training for anything specifically and hasn’t really done a long run since Boston in April, but she did the entire 22 with us. You know … no big deal, except for that she is kind of a big deal. People know her. She’s very important. Anchorman quotes never get old right?

Not going to lie, the run was a bit of a struggle. There were buckets of sweat, lots of laughs, a few tears, and even a few choice expletives (the end of the run was a bit of a peach show), but we got it in. Summer long runs are all about survival and y’all … we survived! Cue Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive” lyrics.

Daniel was our knight in shining armor when he brought us all Route 44 drinks from Sonic at the end of our run. I really just thought it was so cool that we ran 22 miles and that when we finished the run we drank a 44 oz. treat and the temperature was 88 degrees. I love number patterns! Nerd alert. I guess that’s the accountant in me.

We cooled off in the fountain, which was quite heavenly!


That is all of the running related activity that went down this weekend. I feel great (considering I ran 22 miles this morning) and I’m ready to tackle another week!

What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?