February Recap


Welp … February sure flew by! Seeing as how it has less days than all of the other months, I guess that makes sense. Although I’m fairly certain all of the other months fly by as well.

Month Recap: February 2018


Workouts: I did a lot of workouts this month! I’m doing a new thing with my training these days (post-marathon). I intended to do a separate post about it, but I have been a little short on spare time. I’ll try to give you a brief overview here …

This new program is built on Jack Daniels’ VDOT training. VDOT refers to the rate at which oxygen is consumed (or more specifically the volume of oxygen consumed per minute) and it provides a way of determining your training intensity based on a recent race performance. All of your training runs and workouts are done at either repetition, interval, threshold, marathon or easy pace.

  • Repetition pace is the fastest pace and is used to improve speed and economy. Repetition pace is fast, but not necessarily “hard,” because each repetition is relatively short and is followed by a longer recovery. Repetition pace should be similar to your current one mile race pace.
  • Interval pace is the next fastest (but slower than repetition) and is used to stress and improve your aerobic power (VO2 max). It takes about two minutes for you to build up to functioning at VO2 max so the ideal duration of an interval is 3 to 5 minutes each. If you go past 5 minutes at this pace, there will be anaerobic involvement, which results in blood-lactate build-up.
  • Threshold pace is used to improve endurance. Examples of threshold pace runs are steady, tempo runs or intermittent runs, also called cruise intervals. So this would be comfortably hard running for either a steady 3 to 4 miles or repeated runs of 5 to 15 minutes each, with 1 to 3 minutes of rest between the runs.
  • Marathon pace is used to experience race pace conditions for those training for a marathon or simply as a slower alternative to threshold pace.
  • Easy pace is used to promote the physiological benefits that build a solid base from which higher-intensity training can be performed. Easy pace is a crucial, but often overlooked part of training.

Here are my actual workouts from February (color coded based on the above-referenced paces, because I am cool (i.e., a nerd) like that):

3 mi. WU, 2 X 2 miles (12:40 (6:20 avg.), 12:28 (6:14 avg.)), 1 mile (6:11), 2 mi. CD

3 mi. WU, 3 X 2 miles (12:48 (6:24 avg.), 13:24 (6:42 avg.), 13:24 (6:42 avg.)), 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 5 X 1K (3:42, 3:40, 3:42, 3:45, 3:49), 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 3 miles (6:39, 6:21, 6:19), 2 miles (6:23, 6:20), 1 mile (6:14), 2 mi. CD

3 mi. WU, 5K time trial (6:04, 6:14, 6:29), 5 mi. CD

 2 mi. WU, 4 X 1200 (4:31, 4:34, 4:39, 4:51), 2 mi. CD

 2 mi. WU, 3 X 2 miles (12:43 (6:21 avg.), 12:38 (6:19 avg.), 12:32 (6:16 avg.)), 2 mi. CD

14 mi. LR w/ 2 miles at 6:42 & 6:38

2 mi. WU, 2 X 1 mile (6:20, 6:17),2 X 1000 (3:46, 3:50), 2 X 400 (1:23, 1:23), 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 6 mi. tempo (6:27 avg.), 1 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 3 miles (6:40, 6:28, 6:28), 1 mile easy, 2 miles (6:38, 6:29), 1 mile easy, 2 miles (6:36, 6:29), 2 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 1 mile (6:22), 2 X 1000 (3:44, 3:50), 2 X 200 (39, 39), 2 mi. CD

Favorite workout: I’ve really enjoyed switching things up a bit. A lot of these workouts vary the paces and the length of the intervals and the recoveries during each run, which keeps things interesting. My favorite workout was the 3, 2, 1 threshold workout. The workout was 3 miles at threshold pace, 3 minutes of recovery (easy pace), 2 miles at threshold pace, 2 minutes of recovery (easy pace) and 1 mile at threshold pace. The workout flew by and I loved that after the first set, I was already half way done with the hard part of the workout.

Races: A big goose egg. I can’t believe that I didn’t run any races. This was my first month without a race since December of 2015. How crazy is that? Let me answer for you … very. I didn’t even realize that I had that much of a streak going until I just thought to myself, “I can’t remember the last time I wrote a monthly recap and didn’t have at least one race.” Ha. I am planning to more than make up for my lack of February racing during March though. I’ve got plans for 4 (potentially 5) races in March!

Favorite race: Sad face.

Paces: My paces ranged from 6:04 to 9:07.

Miles: 271!

Longest run: 14.75 miles. Nothing too long in February, as my training was more focused towards 5K and 10K type of races.

Shortest run: 3.5 miles. This was an easy double one afternoon where I was short on time and couldn’t get my standard 5 miles in.

Rest days: I took two unplanned rest days (both on Thursday). The class I am teaching this semester is on Wednesday nights. I typically don’t get home until around 9:30 and I’m not getting to be until close to 11 (which is about 3 (or 4 :)) hours later than I prefer). I usually set my alarm to run Thursday morning before work, but I don’t think that has actually happened yet. A few days I have gone after work on Thursday, but otherwise, it just becomes a good day to take a rest.

Strength training: I am pretty consistently getting in 5 to 10 minutes of strength work each day. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than nothing and it definitely adds up over time.


Other activities: We’ve gotten really into disc golf and ping-pong recently! I played disc golf 3 times this month and Daniel and I have been playing ping-pong pretty much every day for about a week now.

Funny story … we’ve had a ping-pong table for several years now, but it’s been in storage. We were planning to take the table over to a friend’s house last weekend. We borrowed a truck from one of Daniel’s co-workers, loaded the table up (using a life jacket to keep it from scratching the bed of the truck (naturally)) and headed to make the exchange. Well … we only got about half a mile before the truck started smoking pretty badly. We weren’t sure what to do at this point, so we returned the truck to its owner, explained what happened and decided to just “wheel” the ping-pong table down the street to our house. Thankfully, we only live about half a mile from Daniel’s co-worker, so that *seemed* easy enough.  Turns out, the wheels on ping-pong tables aren’t exactly “street-legal,” and we had some major malfunctions along the way. Daniel basically ended up having to carry one end of the table. I had on the life jacket, was carrying 6 ping pong racquets, an entire container of ping-pong balls and also two coffee mugs that we found in storage that we wanted to bring home and we were pushing a ping-pong table down the road. It was quite a sight … but now that we have the table at home, we are thoroughly enjoying it!

Coming up: March is going to be the month of the 10K! I’m headed to Birmingham for the Wine 10K this weekend and then every other weekend in March there is a local 10K (Leprechaun Chase, Spring Fever Chase and Azalea Trail Run). I might try to do them all … because, why not?!

Happy Friday! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

January Recap


The first month of the year has come and gone. Well, that was quick!


Month Recap: January 2018

I ran lots of treadmill miles this month. I am so thankful to have the treadmill as a training option. It can actually be a great tool to use for speedwork and of course, it is also great safety reasons as well. If I am doing a workout on the treadmill, I like to listen to music and if I am doing an easy run on the treadmill, I like to listen to podcasts. Distraction is the most definitely the key to a successful treadmill run!

Workouts: I didn’t do many workouts this month, comparatively speaking. The first part of January was spent tapering and the middle of the month was spent recovering, but I was able to get in a few workouts towards the end of the month.

2 mi. WU, 8 mi. tempo (6:44 avg.), 1 mi. CD

3 mi. WU, 4 mi. tempo (6:45 avg.), 1 mi. CD

2 mi. WU, 10 X 400 (85, 89, 88, 89, 89, 91, 90, 90, 92, 89), 2 mi. CD

 3 mi. WU, 2 X 2 mi. (12:44 (6:22 avg.) and 12:52 (6:26 avg.)), 3 mi. CD

1.5 mi. WU, 6 X 800 (3:02, 3:03, 3:02, 3:03, 3:09, 3:08), 2.5 mi. CD

Favorite workout: I think my best workout of the month (and likely my favorite because of that) was the 8 mile tempo that I did the week before the marathon. I ran this one on the treadmill, so perhaps it felt a little bit easier because of that, but this workout went really well and was a huge confidence builder for me. Up until that point, I was unsure if I would even be ready to run the marathon. Granted, I didn’t end up running the marathon at the pace that I trained to run it in, but that’s really not the point anymore.

Races: Only one this month! The First Light Marathon. It’s tough to race a marathon and do other races in the same month due to the taper beforehand and the recovery afterwards.

Favorite race: I have a sneaking suspicion that even if I had run several other races, First Light would’ve still been the favorite!

Paces: My paces ranged from 6:22 (during 2 X 2 mile workout) to 9:40 (first mile run post-marathon).

Miles: 241.6! Less than normal, but still very respectable.

Longest run: 26.2 miles. I expect that this will be my longest run for the year, but who knows …

Shortest run: 5 miles. This is typically my standard, go-to easy run distance.

Favorite run: In the midst of all the treadmill miles, I did manage to get outside and run with friends some as well. One run in particular that stands out was a mid-week, early morning run with Rebecca and Jessica. We met at Rebecca’s house at 4:30 and got in 8 miles. We don’t all get to run together during the week very often, but when we do, it is always wonderful!

Least favorite run: I don’t typically have a least favorite run, but this month, I most definitely did! It turns out that I have a limit when it comes to cold weather running and I found that limit on January 17, 2018.


Rest days: 3!

Strength training: I’ve been doing 5 minutes of planks + 5 minutes of upper body several times per week. For the planks, I alternate as I go from doing them on my elbows, to doing them on each side (still on my elbows though), back to my elbows and finally do doing them with my arms straight. For the upper body stuff, I am doing a minute each of bear crawls, dips, pushups, dive bombers and then plank pushups. I likely should modify this routine a bit and not do the same thing every single time, but whatever … it seems to work for me and I’m actually doing it, so that’s a win.

Coming up: I’m planning to run the Joe Cain Classic 5K next weekend and otherwise, I will contine to train for the Wine 10K in Birmingham the first weekend in March. I’m excited about both of those races!

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon!

December Recap


Can you believe that the year is coming to an end? Me either! Wowza. It’s time to recap another month of running and randomness. I also have a nice little 2017 yearly recap post drafted up that I plan to publish soon, so check back for that one if you are so inclined.

Month Recap: December 2017

The Running

December was *supposed to be* the highest intensity month of training for the upcoming marathon (in two weeks). However, life happened and several of my workouts didn’t exactly go as planned. I needed a bit more time to recover from the marathon that I paced than we originally anticipated, so I missed a few workouts there, and then lo and behold, I came down with the flu and bronchitis the last week of the month. I am currently still sick and hoping to shake this thing here in the next few days. I honestly don’t know what this means for the marathon at this point. We shall see …

Workouts: I had several threshold runs and long runs this month.

5 mi. easy, 8 mile AT tempo (6:45 avg.), 5 mi. easy

1 mi. WU, 10 mile AT progression (6:42 avg.), 1 mi. CD

25.7 mile long run (7:47 pace)

2 mi. WU, 6 X 1 mile (6:28, 6:28, 6:36, 6:31, 6:38, 6:26), 2.5 mi. CD

20 mile hilly long run (8:12 pace)

1 mi. WU, 6 mi. wave tempo (6:53 avg.), 1 mi. CD

18 miles w/ 10 easy (8:07 avg.) + 8 brisk (6:58 avg.)

Favorite workout: My favorite workout was, without a doubt, the 10 mile AT progression workout. It was one of those days where the stars aligned and everything clicked. I left that workout feeling more confident than I had felt the entire training cycle.

Races: I paced the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon the second week of December and then finished up the month with the Round the Bay Relay in Fort Walton Beach, Florida got the flu and bronchitis and missed the Round the Bay Relay in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Favorite race: I was really hoping to use the relay as my favorite race, but I guess I have no option but to go with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon at this point.

Paces: Paces ranged from 6:26 to 9:49.

Total miles: 300! I can’t believe that it ended up so very even. I love it.

Distances: Distances ranged from 5 miles to 25.7 miles.

The Other Stuff

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve chatted about current things.

Current book: I just finished up John Grisham’s Camino Island. I started it on the 25th and finished it on the 27th. I got a little bit into it. I am also still going through (in painstaking detail) the Taxation of Individuals and Business Entities textbook for the class I will be teaching (starting in January). I’m reading each chapter, studying the instructor materials that come with the book and then going back making my own outline and lecture materials because theirs aren’t good enough (of course … hashtag overachiever). I would totally dominate this class if I was taking it instead of teaching it. Ha. I also just started reading How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle by Matt Fitzgerald. I’m only a little ways into at this point, but I’ve already highlighted several things.

Current music: I recently downloaded T. Swift’s new album Reputation. It’s … edgy. I’m digging it.

Current guilty pleasure: Organizing and cleaning things. I guess I got a jump on the “starting fresh” mentality for the new year and I really got down to business in December. My home office is so. very. organized.


Current drink: Hot chocolate.

Current food: Chicken noodle soup. I wonder why chicken noodle soup seems so delicious when you are sick?

Current obsession: Daniel got a Rubik’s Cube for Christmas (well technically, it was an early Christmas present to himself) and he has learned how to dominate that thing. I would like to get to his level, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon. I have completed it once though. It took me two and a half hours. He can do it in less than two minutes. Ha. But eventually, I will learn and I will dominate that cube. It is making me crazy.

Current need: Wellness.

Current indulgence: Nasal spray.

Current bane of my existence: Coughing.

Current procrastination: I am long overdue for a visit to the optometrist. I’m up to date on all my other annual and semi-annual doctors visits, but I haven’t had my eyes checked in … years. Maybe 2 to 3 (or more?) years. Yikes. Going to schedule that pronto. [Update: going on Tuesday!] I also really need to “un-decorate” for Christmas. The task seems too daunting at the moment. I’m thinking this is likely why we typically don’t decorate in the first place.

Current confession: I have been using the same box of contacts that I got at that last eye appointment for however long that has actually been. I take them out every night, but I definitely wear them well beyond the recommended usage.

Current quote: This little passage from How Bad Do You Want It stuck out to me. In talking about one of his mental victories, he writes, “Sure, it was just a race, but sports are not really separate from life, not is the athlete distinct from the person. In mastering my fear of suffering in races, I acquired a greater level of respect for myself, a sense of inner strength that has helped me tackle other challenges, both inside and outside of sports.”


Current excitement: I’m excited about the idea of feeling back to normal. Hopefully that will happen here shortly!

Tell me something that you are currently excited about!


November Recap

Hi! Hey! Hello!

It’s time to recap another month of running and randomness. I’m so glad that December is here! I am feeling quite festive. I know I already showed you our Christmas tree, but just in case you missed it …


Out of the 8 years that Daniel and I have been together, this is only the second year that we’ve ever even gotten a Christmas tree and I am so glad that we did! It smells amazing and it was actually a lot of fun to hang up all of our medals and reminisce on some fun race memories.

Month Recap: November 2017

The Running

Workouts: I had several good tempo runs and long runs this month! Marathon training is officially here. After recovering from a mild hamstring strain at the end of October, November was definitely a strong month. I am still trying to be very careful with the hamstring and am seeing my sports chiro weekly to stay in tune.

10 miles w/ 10 X 1:00 pickups

1.5 mi. WU, 3 X 3 miles (6:46 avg., 6:44 avg., 6:35 avg.), 1.5 mi. CD

10 miles w/ 5 easy (8:28 avg.) and 5 brisk (6:45 avg.)

20 miles w/ 10 easy (7:56 avg.) and 10 brisk (7:02 avg.)

22 mile long run (8:16 pace)

1.5 mi. WU, 4 X 2 miles (6:40 avg., 6:30 avg., 6:31 avg., 6:25 avg.), 1.5 mi. CD

Favorite workout: My favorite workout was probably the 10 miles with 5 easy and 5 brisk. The brisk pace is about 20 seconds slower than lactate threshold pace and 10 seconds slower than aerobic threshold pace, which makes it fairly close to goal marathon pace. It was my favorite primarily because the weather was perfect the morning of this workout. I felt strong and it was a good confidence builder.

Races: I ran 4 races in November and that’s exactly how I like it! I got a little bit of everything with a 5K, a 10K, a 12K and a 10 mile race.

Race Recap: Senior Bowl 10K

Race Recap: Battleship 12K

Race Recap: Turkey 10 X 2!

Race Recap: Turkey Trot

Favorite Race: My favorite race was the Turkey Trot, but the Battleship 12K was definitely a close 2nd! I think the weather, the friends, the cause and the homemade medals were the biggest contributing factors to choosing the Turkey Trot as the favorite. I love the course of the Battleship 12K, but the weather wasn’t great and not as many of my peeps ran that one this year.

Paces: My paces ranged from 5:49 (last mile of the Turkey Trot) to 9:10.

Total miles: 316! Phew. Highest mileage month in quite some time (perhaps all year). Again, marathon training is officially here!

Distances: Distances ranged from 3 miles to 22 miles.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you guys again soon!


October Recap

Hey-o! Happy Halloween!

Can you believe that the holiday season is upon us? Me either! It’s time to recap another month of running and randomness.

Month Recap: October 2017

The Running

Workouts: October continued the fundamental phase of marathon training. For the most part, each week had a mix of speed, tempo and endurance workouts. I have one more week of the fundamental phase and then we will move into the marathon-specific phase. I was having a very consistent month of training until a mild hamstring strain put me out of commission workout-wise the last week of the month. I jumped on it (not literally) fairly quickly and am hopeful that I will be able to get back into things without losing much.

2 mi. WU, 6 X 1200 (5:02, 4:52, 4:47, 4:46, 4:37, 4:34), 2 mi. CD

15 mile long run w/ a fast finish (6:59, 7:21 (big hill), 7:02, 6:45)

2.5 mi. WU, 3 X 2 miles (6:50/6:37 = 13:27, 6:31/6:29 = 13:00, 6:35/6:56 = 13:31), 2 mi. CD

10 miles w/ 10 X 30 second pickups 

18 mile long run w/ 10 mile “WU” (8:04) + 10K (6:40) + 2 mile “CD” (8:28)

2 mi. WU, 12 X 400 hill repeats (1:45 – 1:50), 2 mi. CD

8 miles w/ 10 X 30 second pickups

2 mi. WU, Half Marathon @ brisk (7:07 average), 2 mi. CD

8 mile brisk pace run (7:10 average)

Favorite workout: My favorite workout was the 1200 meter repeat workout. The temperature was nice and the workout was executed really well [pats self on the back]. Now if I could just execute my races the same way … ease into it and finish strong! I need to repeat that to myself 100 times before each race that I run.

Races: I ran two 5Ks, a 10K and a half marathon this month. I included my 10K and half marathon in the workout section as well, since they were technically races that I used as workouts.

Race Recap: Bras Across the CAUSEway 5K

Race Recap: Shrimp Fest 10K

Race Recap: Running for the Bay Half Marathon

Favorite Race: I don’t even have a recap for my favorite race of the month. That’s a bummer. I guess it’s never too late to add one in. I ran a local turkey trot with two of the Girls on the Run girls and I loved it so much. I think that I enjoy pacing equally as much as racing! It’s so much fun to run with someone, encourage them and watch them meet their goals.


Paces: Paces ranged from 6:01 (last mile of the BATC 5K) to 9:52.

Total miles: 284

Distances: Distances ranged from 3.5 miles to 18 miles. On the day of the half marathon, I technically ran 21.5 miles, but I don’t think that really counts since it wasn’t all continuous.

Strength work: Oh snap. I have NOT gotten my 10 minutes a day in. I have been icing, rolling and stretching though, so that’s at least something.


The Other Stuff

This portion of the post is just your typical A to Z list of random thing I am currently …

Anticipating: I have FIVE races that I want to do in November! November is my favorite month of racing!

Buying: We had a cold snap last weekend and I decided that I needed to buy a few winter sweaters. Of course, it likely won’t be cold again until 2018, but whenever it does cool down again … I’ll be ready!

Considering: that I’ve used the concept of “faking it until you make it” in the past and really wish that I had just been honest and transparent with what was going on. How many people are out there “faking it” because all they see is other people doing the exact same thing? Let’s make it a point to be open and honest with other people and not worry about whether or not they think we’ve “got it together” because … little secret … no one has it together. We’re all just doing our best to make sense of things and figure out our place in this life.

Discovering: joy in the journey.

Enjoying: the cooler air! It might not be here to stay, but we will take anything we can get at this point. It was even fire pit weather last weekend.

Feeling: confident. That’s a new one.

Going: to watch the sunset. Fall sunsets are the best!


Hoping: that we have some trick or treaters! Brooksy is ready! Rawr!


Inhaling: candy corn! I try to make sure that my candy corn quota gets met each year by Halloween so that we can move on to more nutritious things after that. Such sacrifice.

Loving: these Lululemon Train Times Shorts (<– affiliate link … NOT!). The waist is higher and the shorts are longer than your typical running spandex shorts and I love them. If you hear of a Lulu sponsorship out there, please let me know ASAP! I need to find a way to put Lulu to work for me.

Missing: 10% of Brooks. Do you remember when we took him to the vet and they told us that he needed to lose weight? Even though I thought he was beautiful just the way he was, we got right on that, because I didn’t want him to have health complications as a result of his weight. We cut back on his food and treats a little bit (nothing drastic) and he’s been running a mile or two here and there (again, nothing drastic). I took him to the vet for his yearly shots, etc. and he lost 10 pounds! Go Brooks! Since it was time for his yearly visit, that also means that we just celebrated his 6th birthday. WHAT?! Time slow down.


Noticing: that if we ever have a kid, I’m going to be so annoying.

Obsessing: about nothing? I honestly can’t think of anything for this category, which is quite rare.

Planning: to test out the hammy with a speed workout tomorrow morning.

Questioning: if coffee is making me sleepy. I know that energy drinks can cause you to crash, but can coffee do the same thing? Does anyone have answers for this? I typically have two cups in the morning and could immediately fall asleep (if I needed to, for research purposes only). The past two days, I haven’t had any coffee and I think I feel less sleepy. This confuses me.

Reading: Y’all. I’m going back to school! I am so excited to join the staff at University of Mobile as an adjunct accounting professor. I will start teaching in January and in the meantime, I will be digging into this textbook, Taxation of Individuals & Business Entities. I can’t wait to do the syllabus and make outlines of the materials, etc. My little nerd heart is so happy.


Saving: papers. I tend to be a saver, but not in a hoarder sense. I just hate emptying my shred box at work. They ask me every week if I have anything to get rid of and every week, I’m like “nope, nope, nope.” I hold on to that junk for a least a year in case because you never know what you might need down the road.

Thinking: about cooking dinner tonight. Like, cooking cooking. Please be impressed.

Using: Pinterest for recipe ideas! So far, I’m at “recipe. dinner. easy. 5-ingredient. healthy.” I’ll let you know how that works out.

Visiting: Salty Running! I’m writing over at Salty Running some now, so go check out that site if you haven’t read it before.

Watching: Life Unexpected. We finally found a decent show to watch! Granted, it’s only two seasons, so we’ll probably be done with it in no time, but it’s nice to have something besides Impractical Jokers to watch every now and then.

Xeroxing: I made a copies of my college and graduate school transcripts this week! What?! Finally I have a good xeroxing moment. Those are the best.

Yearning: to take a nap. The struggle is SO VERY real.

Zeroing: Same as the last few months, it’s really hard to come up with an Z word, so … zeroing means “closing out” for purposes of this post and with that, we are done!

It’s your turn! Tell me something you are loving or thinking about!

September Recap


October really snuck up on me and I have gotten behind with the regular scheduled programming around here. Work is going pretty well (better at least), but we are SUPER busy right now and will be for about two more weeks. I’m also LOVING Girls on the Run! We have practice two times per week for an hour and a half, which is great, but is also a bit of a commitment. Definitely worth it. Anywho, let’s recap the running for the month of September really quickly, shall we …

Month Recap: September 2017

Workouts: September was a fairly consistent month of building back some fitness after taking a short break in August. Each week seemed to have a good mix of speed, tempo and endurance workouts. September was the first month of the fundamental phase of marathon training. October will be another month of the same and then in November and December, we will move into the specific phase.

Here is what my September workouts looked like:

13 miles: LR @ 7:51 avg. 

8 miles: 15 X 1:00 on, 1:00 off

10 miles: 8 easy + 2 brisk (6:53, 6:42)

15 miles: LR @ 7:49 avg. 

12 miles: 2 mi. WU, 6 X 1 mile (6:24, 6:18, 6:20, 6:23, 6:22, 6:21), 2 mi. CD

10 miles: 2 mi. WU, 12 X 600 (2:17, 2:17, 2:18, 2:16, 2:16, 2:18, 2:21, 2:17, 2:21, 2:20, 2:23, 2:18), 2 mi. CD

10 miles: 8 easy + 2 brisk (6:58, 6:56)

17 miles: LR w/ 11 easy + 6 steady state (7:12)

8 miles: 2 mi. WU, 4 mi. tempo (6:56, 6:39, 6:31, 6:32), 2 mi. CD

10 miles: 10 X 30 seconds on, 1:00 off

17 miles: LR @ 7:58 avg. 

Favorite workout: In looking back over the workouts, none of them really stand out as a favorite, which isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy any of them, but rather that I enjoyed several of them. I think the 6 X 1 mile @ tempo pace and them 4 mile tempo were probably two of the most enjoyable. I’m digging the tempo pace runs these days!

Races: I only did one race this month. Womp, womp. The next few months will be full of fun races though, so at least I’ve got something to look forward to. Daniel did his big race the last weekend of September too, so check out his recap (here) if you missed it.

Favorite Race: The Jubilee Race for Life 5K was a wonderful race! I love a local, hometown race and this race was exactly that!

Paces: The paces ranged from 6:11 (during the 5K) to 10:22 (during an easy, recovery run).

Total miles: I ran 287.75 miles during September. Woo!

Distances: My shortest run was 3 miles and longest run was 17 miles.

Strength work: Y’all. I am so proud of myself. I actually did a really good job of stretching and doing some strength stuff this month! I averaged 10 minutes a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but definitely adds up over time.

That’s all I’ve got for now … keeping it short and sweet today. I share more of the ins and outs of all of my workouts on my weekly recaps (which I also happen to be a little bit behind on at the moment … hopefully I can get last week’s up this evening). So, check those out (links are below) if you’d like to see more details.

08/28/17 – 09/03/17
09/04/17 – 09/10/17
09/11/17 – 09/17/17
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August Recap

Hey-o! August is *almost* in the books. Of course that means that it is time to recap another month of running and randomness. We are (slowly) making our way closer to fall!

Month Recap: August 2017

The Running

Let’s just put it out there, running in August is ROUGH. I think we all feel like we should be acclimated to the heat at this point, but even if you are in great shape and are as acclimated as you can be, that likely still doesn’t mean that you will miraculously be able to run the same paces that you would in cooler, drier conditions. I know it will get better. It might take it another month or so, but it will.

Workouts: I planned my summer training schedule to end the second week of August and then I planned a couple of “down weeks,” which basically meant that I ran when I wanted to (or not!), without being tied to a training plan. In fact, my only workout of the month was this week (the last week of August).

10 miles: 5 easy (8:31) + 5 brisk (6:50)

Favorite workout: I reckon this goes to the [uncontested] 10 miler with the first 5 easy followed by the next 5 at a brisk pace. I really did enjoy this workout though (especially after 4 weeks without any workouts). We found a great 10 mile route for this run that (for the most part) allowed us to get the hills out of the way during the easy miles and that was nice and flat for the brisk miles. The Daniels (husband Daniel and Young Daniel) joined me for this workout, which made it so. much. better. I am very needy when it comes to workouts and I always prefer to have friends.

Races: I did a 5K and a 2 mile race in August. You can check out those recaps below if you feel so inclined.

Race Recap: Crime Prevention 5K

Race Recap: Chickasabogue Park 2 Miler


Favorite Race: I enjoyed both of the races, but I’m going to go with the Chickasabogue Park 2 miler as my favorite. I do lots of 5Ks each year, but usually only one 2 miler. I’m digging the “odd” (not literally) distances lately.

Paces: My paces ranged from 5:44 (during the 2 mile race) to 11:21 (with Brooks).

Total miles: 274

Distances: My shortest run was 3 miles (done one day on my lunch break (I really just wanted to see if that was possible)) and my longest run was 18 miles (as part 1 of the birthday run).

Strength work: I’m officially committing myself to 10 to 20 minutes of a combination of strength work and stretching per day. I said it on the internet, so surely it will happen.

The Other Stuff

This portion of the post is just your typical A to Z list of random thing I am currently …

Anticipating: I want to say fall, but I know that is just a pat answer and let’s face it, we will not be seeing any glimpses of fall here in Lower Alabama for quite some time. I’m definitely looking forward to an extra day off work with the Labor Day holiday next week, so let’s go with that.

Buying: pop sockets. Random, but I had really been wanting a pop socket for my phone and while you can likely pick one of those up pretty much anywhere, I decided to make my purchase on Amazon. I did the purchase on my phone and I guess wasn’t paying as much attention to the actual details of what I was doing. Turns out that I purchased a pack of 9 pop sockets (for $9.99) AND it shipped from China, so my order that was placed August 7th has still not been delivered. I hate to say it, but this is not the fist time that I have unknowingly placed an Amazon order from overseas. Sad. Patience is not my virtue and the waiting kills me.

Considering: that the whole pop socket debacle would’ve been better placed under the anticipating category.

Discovering: Oprah’s podcast, SuperSoul Conversations. Very insightful.

Enjoying: a cup of hot lemon water. I’ve replaced one of my morning cups of coffee with hot lemon water (I know) and I’m really enjoying it. I love all things lemon.

Feeling: very content.

Going: to hop on the treadmill here in a few minutes because it is storming big time outside.

Hoping: that this rain stops soon! At least the rain seems to have cleared out of Texas. I can’t imagine what they are going through. Definitely thinking about and praying for everyone affected by Harvey.

Inhaling: all the guacamole. If it was possible to turn into an avocado, I would’ve definitely done it by now. Oh look!

Loving: the Bitmoji app! There is seriously a Bitmoji for every emotion you could possibly experience. I could go for entire days without using words in texts.

Missing: a time when I could walk outside and not get eaten alive my mosquitoes.

Noticing: joy in the little moments. I know that I mentioned Oprah’s podcast already, but I would highly recommend checking out her episode with Sheryl Sandberg. She talks about keeping a “joy journal” and jotting down random things each day that make you happy or bring you joy. I started doing this and it’s amazing. If you are focused on finding positive things throughout the day … you find positive things throughout the day. In a world with so much negativity, we can all use a reminder to focus on the positive!

I want to share one of my joy journal moments … one morning last week I was out running with Brooks (he’s doing a mile or so a couple of days a week and I’m thinking about maybe working him up to a 5K). We were out trotting along and we passed a man out walking his dog. The guy told me that he had never seen a happier dog and that it looked like Brooks was grinning from ear to ear as we ran. Y’all. I think my heart exploded a little bit. His comment meant so much to me (and yes, I am a little obsessed with my dog).

Obsessing: perfect segue! I’m obsessed with Brooks. He has his own Instagram account now (@instabrookser). If you like puppies, you need to follow it. I’m planning to document his training. It will partially be a parody of your typical “insta runner” training and partially just serious because I am obsessed with my dog and because I take tons of pictures of him anyway.

Isn’t he the CUTEST?!


Planning: some fall races! Woo hoo! I’ve got my eye on several local races.

Questioning: when (if ever) it will actually start to feel like fall. Perhaps by mid-October? We shall see.

Reading: lots of continuing professional education materials. I managed to wait until the last week of August to even start on my CPE hours. I have to get 40 hours by September 30th, so yeah … some major procrastination went down this year. I honestly thought to myself, well maybe I should just let my license expire and then I’ll have to find a new job in a different line of work. Ha. It was a fleeting thought. I’d kick myself if I did that (and Daniel would likely kick me out of the house).

Saving: the date for the First Light Marathon!


Thinking: that this is a good time to go for it and run another marathon. I’m giving myself until October to *fully* commit to the marathon. I know that if I do it, I need to be ALL IN (in order to reach my goals).

Using: too many brain cells to finish up this list.

Visiting: Augusta for Daniel’s HALF IRONMAN RACE in just a few short weeks.

Watching: Friends for like the hundredth time. We are having the hardest time finding a show to get into!

Xeroxing: I can not think of one thing that I need to make a copy of or that I made a copy of last month. Boo.

Yearning: to make a difference.

Zeroing: Same as last month, it’s really hard to come up with an Z word, so … zeroing means “closing out” for purposes of this post and with that, we are dunzo. Whew.

Alright … your turn! Tell me something you are anticipating or planning for the month of September.